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Missy And Timbaland Address Drake Producing New Aaliyah Album

This morning, musical moguls, Missy Elliot and Timbaland stopped by Power 105′s The Breakfast Club to clear up some rumors  and tell you what they think about the new Aaliyah album being produced by Drake…..

They’ve been off the scene for a minute so they definitely had a lot to catch us up on from what they are working on now to what they’ve been up to during their hiatus.  As per the two talked about their lack of involvement with the new Aaliyah album produced by Drake.  They said that they’ve chosen not to participate in the album because no one reached out to them.

Their Thoughts on the new Aaliyah album:

Timbaland“Let me tell you the craziest thing, is it really real? I don’t know if this is a real topic.”

Missy ” I can say this, nobody has reached out to me. It’s not even about reaching out to me, I personally want to respect her family. If her mother or father or brother hasn’t said they want to make an Aaliyah album. Yeah, we still mourn, but not the way this family (does). So until they come and say Missy and Tim we’re ready to do an Aaliyah album, we just pull back from it.”

For the entire interview watch here:

Seems like Drake ain’t making the best moves pissing off the O.G.’s……

In other news Missy recently released two new tracks produced by Timbaland, ’9th Inning’ and ‘Triple Threat’. After such a long time coming Missy was asked basically what took her so long???

I just wasn’t inspired. I had to go back to the source

Check out “9th Inning” here:

Check out “Triple Threat”:

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