Monica New Video: “Everything To Me”


Monica recently shot her new video for “Everything To Me” with Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson as her leading man in LA. The video/slash movie is going to take you on a love ride, here are all the behind the scenes shots.

THe Video was directed by Benny Boom. Monica’s upcoming album, Still Standing, is set to hit stores March 23rd.

27 responses to “Monica New Video: “Everything To Me””

  1. Alexis says:

    I luv Monica… don’t get the concept LOL… a lot of high end fashion, unnecessarily (but I get the point) maybe it will grow on me! luv ya!

  2. Leslie says:

    Monica is so tired!! The video is wack…what the hell was the point? She needs to focus on staying around her area so she can keep her man Rocko from creeping. Everybody in the ATL knows the real, I guess maybe she don’t! That nigga gets around..I have a very close home girl who gets some of that on a regular and the nicca has no problem breaking a chick off! She may want to scale back her travels and keep watch over her house a little more closely. You know what they say things aren’t always as they seem…So he says

  3. jameile says:


    Ho! Ho! Sideline ho……

    & im sorry if u dnt get the video, ummm ur dumb as hell…aint no other way to put it

  4. LAYLA says:

    I think the concept was that there was a chick/groupie obsessed with her sports player husband, and that she was willing to do anything to get his attention until they shut her down in court. Now how this ties to the song, I don’t know.

    But Monica can sang!!! I love the video, and her outfits are fiyah!!!! Can’t wait for her cd to drop.

  5. keke, rocko? hmm says:

    @ leslie i get your point in there somwhere, i have no idea what kind of concept monica represents.

    anyway as far as creepin goes..she seems to take care of herself well and you cant knock her voice. the whole ”stay home” in your comment sounds as though youre either

    A) some other singers pr person and youre out to knock the competition.
    B)a jealous Rocko who doesnt like his woman being the bigger name
    or C) a darkskin ugly girl who hates on lightskins (not my words-keke’s- oops! go home keke!)

  6. DAKOTABLU says:


    Wow!!! is all I can say for your comment. How we went from Monica’s video to putting her business out there is beyound me…you and your friend need to find something esle to do…. stop hatin…not a good look…

  7. Souljagir says:

    Who knew Ocho Cinco could clean up that well, nice looking brother there. Monica is gorgeous, he make ups flawless and she definitely eats! Wok bish, love the song she’s beaming her light I tell you he sons and fiance have her feeling good and ain’t nothing worng with that!

  8. Souljagir says:

    @ Leslie, damn has it ever occured to you that regardless of what you think and know or think you know about Monica she’s got her mans back!

    Matter of fact the video showed you that no matter what groupies come along they will de dealt with and her relationship is a bond that can’t be broken!?

    Wow, thirsty broads kill me with the need to cast darkness over other people when they’re glowing and second honey in life EVERYTHING IS NOT what they seem but it’s important to maintain your personal business as personal; something you clearly didn’t grasp growing up to become a woman!

    Lastly, find something else to do with your day rather than pose as a friend who’s invious of her friends ho-ism….or the actual ho like the one in the video! SMH!

  9. Sherri says:

    I Luv Me Some Monica…I grew up knocking her shit matter fact I got a few of her cuts on my mp3…shit I worked out to her cut with DMX “Don’t Gotta Go Home” this am at the gym!!

    ~ It kills me how these bitches will do anything to try to bring you down! What the fuck does her niggas extra activ. gotta do with her muthafuckin’ video. And Monica is a boss bitch!! I think yo gf better keep that shit on the low or she’ll fuck around and get rolled on by a r&b bitch (lol). Yaw know Mo is gangsta that was C Murda’s bitch for a min. & She still fux with Mia X the biggest mama! And we all know how Ma Ma Mia does it. U Hoes are so crazy and may want to fall back. And Monica has always been the shit no matter who her man is.

  10. BLACK DIVA says:


  11. Leslie says:

    My girl waxed her man not too long ago…REALLY not 2 long ago. Gotta be careful about a man that travels…he’ll take a “Side line ho” with him! And spend yo money on that side line ho. And my girl ain’t thirsty she’s drinkin’ plenty off him. And keep that shit real everybody in the A know da real he’s been fuckin round for years and been fucking with my friend for a while Not on no side line type shit..but some real connec. type shit. He tells ppl his self things are not as Monica wants them to seem. Cracks all in the foundation of that relationship but she puts up with it and has for years.

  12. DAKOTABLU says:


    Wow, once again….is that suppose to be cute???

  13. Tiff says:

    It funny how yall going hard behind a person neither one of yall know….Answer this question. Whats going on in yall’s houses?

    Oh BTW love the song

  14. jwhit214 says:

    And whats ur point again Leslie?

  15. Souljagir says:

    @ Leslie

    You’re silly because you came back on here to contradict yourself; “Gotta be careful about a man that travels…he’ll take a “Side line ho” with him!” “Everybody in the A know da real he’s been fuckin round for years and been fucking with my friend for a while Not on no side line type shit”

    It’s crazy how you logged back on here to speak on your girls behalf which would be you! LMAO, your the one that errybody in the “A” knows he’s been ‘effin with for years. Now let me break it down to you honey and then you’re dismissed;

    1. A man will tell a (like I said) “thirsty chick” whatever they want to hear
    2. Has it ever occured to you uh umm, I mean you’re friend that she has low standards for being a known “thirsty chick for years” lmao! A real woman makes their own money it’s worth more value (geta clue).
    3. If their relationship has so many “cracks in the foundation”; he wouldn’t have not 1 but 2 sons ya dig? He’s still making love to her which no one can force you to do ever honey!
    4. If he’s so unhappy (any one with sense) would leave thus Monica must have that come back stuff called independence that most of you thirsty broads would know nothing about.
    5. Your dismissed; next time you’re friend gets thirsty let her know a man is less likely to choose he over his family so find an old man like George Burn with deep pockets to burn her pussy up because everyone knows you only get sugar from sugar daddy’s…..shit isn’t sweet when you aren’t getting anything but wood from a man who’s in to his family! LMAO!

  16. NICCI says:


  17. keish says:

    @ Leslie or whatever your name shall be…go look in the mirror and slap yourself literally! Women like you make me sick to my stomach omg….like who get on a gossip website and talk ish..lmao hard sad sad sad sad! I know you lack attention but come on girl get fucking real…what reponse did you need from your dumb comments please lmk. Monica is the ish I love her as a entertainer and women!!!

  18. Tinaturner says:


    It’s people like you and your friend that make it real easy for weak trifling men to cheat. Why you find being a jump-off something to brag about is beyond me. The fact that he cheats on his fiance with your friend is nothing to brag about because at the end of the day he will never be with your friend, she will always be just some Pussy. Furthermore, I hope your friend doesn’t think that she is special because there are probably plenty more just like her. Now, what she needs to do is go and find some self-respect because if she had any, she wouldn’t settle for being sloppy seconds to another woman.

    Lastly, Monica is doing her thing and will be blessed as long as she keeps on loving her children and respecting herself. Both Rocko and your friend has a higher power to answer to. You reap what you sew and trust me baby when it hits, it hits HARD!

  19. mzhumble02 says:

    I love that song monica is a gifted young lady cant wait until that album drops on the 23rd,she looks happy keep it up gurl hope she makes a video for still standing because EVERYTHING shes been through and maybe still going through shes STILL STANDING and you can tell shes GOT LOVE ALL OVER HER!

  20. tiffney says:

    Monica rocked that hair the fits the song and that video and Brad Johnson is. dam sexy I could bite his chocolate sexy ass.

  21. Lon'ya says:

    i feel like Monica is back vocally and it was touching to hear this song. Missy Elloitt keep the tracks going strong for her. Its a banger….i wish i can sing but for now I just keep this video on repeat to learn the words. PEACE

  22. pat says:

    i love u monice tell u child i said hello she is cute! love u let good b u and u child love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Paris says:

    Well damn I dnt kno if I’m suppose 2 leave a comment 4 my girl monica or wat? Womaen r so damn messy n petty thts y I have a select few! Lil baby that was telln her business because everybody else wit sense kno ur friend is make believe,honey dnt sho everybody ur ignorance! I mean damn 4 years almost every song monica put out is bout wat she will do 4 her man… Rememeber these lyrics? “I will cross the ocean 4 u, I will go n bring u da moon,I will b ur hero ur strenght anythng u need”? N tht songs so damn old n her song u shoulda known better hell tht nigga n dat video was basically doin life n jail n she still stood strong behing his ass only a real woman could cuz hell u or ur so called friend wouldn’t hell! N start using ur brain people the concept of the video is n plain view! Hell,a groupie tried 2 still wat monica worked hard 4 n that’s 4 love n women we all know that shit dnt cum easy so by any means monica said I wish a bitch would take wats mine so she did wat she had 2 n that’s when the court came n! N her outfitts yall kno damn well that hoe was dressed damn well hell she can afford it shit I would wear it 2 lol. My bitch monica bad n how could people even hate? Shit monica do yo thang because da main bitches hatin gone b da main ones n target,walmart or callin their bootleg dvd man so they can get the cd! Much love xoxoxo

  24. LCee from the Chi says:

    Bitches never cease to amaze me!!! LoL This forum is supposed to be to comment on Monica’s new video (which by the way is fkn fabulous) not to hate on her, try to drg her nd her man through the mud or put her personal business in the street. The main bitches hating are the main ones who dont have their own sht and have to songe off other womens men to get something. @ Leslie if you’re friend is comfortable being a sideline ho that’s on her … why the hell should Monica leave her man that she has a foundation with just because of some stupid whore that can’t get or hold her own?!? Yea right some females need to get a clue!! If you’re dumb enough to have a man in your life that already has a wifey that he obviously isn’t leaving then go with that but don’t hate on the strong woman who wont let petty whorish BS hold her back or get her down.

  25. Mz.San says:

    You n ur “so-called” homegirl is f$%&* petty and lame @sses. Like everybody say its not ur homie its u stoppin hatin and fall back. If u had a little bit of decency and self-respect you would find your own. STOP being the biggest WHORE n da ATL. What would you do if Mo ran up on ya bout her man, which I honestly kno she wouldn’t…… Y b/c she a very strong& independent woman who dont have to depend on kno man like u&”urhomegirl” do and never will be-get a life HO!!!!! STOP HATIN FO’REAL thats what some men like a cheap trick like urself that would do anythung for a cheap Mickey-D’s cheeseburger…..Get a F….Life

  26. Shak says:

    The little girl who plays the daughter in Monica’s everything to me video is Queenelizabeth Perkins she’s on Actor’s Access and IMDB.

  27. jasmine says:

    i love this video i wish monica would of made a video for WHAT JURTS THE MOST i love that song more than anything it’s really telling the truth keep the good song coming we love your music in tampa fl love the new album by the way why not make more keep the good album coming i will buy your album before i buy some

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