Monica Talks Marriage, Motherhood, and Baby Mama with Jermaine Dupri on “Living the Life”



Our home girl Monica made a special appearance on Jermaine Dupri’s “Living the Life” latest episode. Monica is the realest chick around. We love to hear her thoughts and opinions on different topics. Monica chats about marriage, motherhood, and the infamous term “baby mama”.

“I don’t believe in the court system. I’m not steppin’ in no court-house, I’m not callin’ them people… Now let me explain. I’m sure every situation may require something different, but for me… I feel like a real man will be man enough to assess the needs of his child, and make sure that it happens. I don’t need to call you and I don’t need to call the people for you. Since I feel that way, I’ve never had any discrepancies with the father of my two oldest children at all, period, point, blank. When it’s time for it to get done, he can access the needs, come in and see what they need and it gets done………”

Wow, Monica keeps it 100 all of the time. We love the fact that she can can properly articulate how a healthy co-parenting situation can be beneficial for both the mother, father and children.

What do you think about Monica’s thoughts on “Living the Life“?

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  1. A baby momma is a woman who is not a WIFE and being a “Wifey” does not count. So technically, Monica, you are a baby momma. Regarding the child support: You have the money that affords you the luxury to not “call those people.” Many other baby mamas don’t have that luxury. Husands and wives are supposed to be coequals in the home. I’m a boss at work AND at home. So is my husband. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I can mow the grass and husband can cook dinner. It’s whatever it takes to get it done. Get down off of your high horse, please. The air has to be a bit thin up there.


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