Mo’Nique Is Not Fond Of Barbara Walters & Lets Her Know It For ABC Pre-Oscar Special



According to Bossip Barbara Walters had her work cut out for her when she interviewed Mo’Nique during her pre-Oscar special. Mo’Nique who was apart of Barbara Walters Last Pre-Oscars Special probably was persuaded by movie producers to be apart of the show. But we all know that Mo’Nique keeps it real and if she’s not feeling you, you will know it. She wouldn’t even let Barbara in her home to conduct the interview..

According to sources Barbara has been telling her friends that Mo’Nique has been her most difficult interviewee yet. Mo’Nique hasn’t been a huge fan of Barbara’s after her visit to the View in 2006 where Barbara referred to Mo’Nique’s twins as “little creatures.”

Now that she and Barbara are meeting again, Mo’Nique made it as difficult as possible for the TV reporter. She even refused Barbara to come into her home which is where Barbara usually conducts her celebrity one-on-one interviews.
Between Mo’Nique’s high hair and makeup demands and denying Barbara the privilege to come into her home, Mo’Nique made it clear that she was not feeling Ms. Walters. The producer even picked up on it and asked Mo’Nique’s husband why she was being so rude.



  1. I would not have invited her either she insulted her throught the interview. Barbara really needs to be ashamed of herself tryna talk about someones kids bc she aint so pretty herself old witch

  2. Well Sunshine and Pierre….Keepin it real is also keepin it smart! why would she pass up doing an interview and upset the people who run hollywood…that handed her that Oscar which will probaly get her a bigger pay check down the line…She kept it real….Mo don’t bite her tongue. You don’t call people’s kids creatures! or little monkeys! Barbara W. she’s from that old school media….lets remember that.

  3. Why are people so concerned about Monique’s not shaving her legs? She is asked that in evey interview. Everybody knows that she doesn’t like to shave her legs, why should she ALWAYS have to explain that? The producer should have asked Mo why she was being rude, not her husband.

    Monique’s husband does have a weird look.

  4. for real what does monique hauband do..i guess he a paid make her look good..luv u monque..not mad at ya

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