More Grown Man Drama: Shyne Responds to 50


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Yesterday, the ever so mature Mr. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) was featured yelling at Shyne…or so it appeared. It turns out all that yelling at Shyne was FAKE. Before 50 could yell that he hoped Shyne was raped by a pack of ninjas, his call was disconnected. So much of the drama from yesterday’s clip was 50 pretending to yell at Shyne… Is that gangsta?  For the video of Shyne’s response to 50, including him calling Fifty a stalker…WTF???


  1. Generals in the Streets??? This Nigga been gone 10 years, Is not Relevant anymore, Can’t Rap the same! Nigga’s has truly Gassed my man up!

  2. idk WHAT has qotten into 50 but he is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYSSSS in the midst of DRAMA ! its like thats his new hobby or sumthin ! and to think i used to like him but when a dude hate on anutha dude , that`s none other then a #bitchmove , and because of that he lost my respect . . . . like plies said ” when tha n**** started hatin thats when tha n**** lost me “


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