Neffe Gives Yall New Look, Hair, Attitude And Most Importantly, A New Season Of “The Frankie n Neffe Show”

Check out Neffe’s new look for the 2nd season of The Frankie n Neffe Show!  At first, I was told by different sources that the show might not be airing, but yes, it looks like things are changing for the dynamic duo.  Neffe will be bringing a new Attitude, new Look, and new NEFFE, so yall watch out, cuz she aint playing! I must say I am loving these photos that were sent over by her Glam Team… Neffe lets her hair down and as she would say, “give  it to yall bitc*es …”

What yall think?

36 responses to “Neffe Gives Yall New Look, Hair, Attitude And Most Importantly, A New Season Of “The Frankie n Neffe Show””

  1. thicndawst says:

    Foolishness and Fuckery

  2. thicndawst says:

    More Foolishness and Fuckery

  3. @sharelle_baeby says:

    Luv her new style and pics, especially the main pic at the top. Hopefully, the show is more about positive than negative, drama-free, and more about them progressing.

  4. NYC Girl says:


  5. Sherri says:

    Please Freddy O, you could’ve put someone else!! Someone with something going on! Neffe has all those damn kids by all kinds of men. She is not someone we should let our daughters look up to or watch her on TV nor the blogs. Did you guys see her fridge last season? She had NO food…that shit was a nasty mess. Her sister buys her a nice house and the Queen of hoodrats can’t even keep it clean and the keep the fridge stocked (guess she was waiting on Keyshia to buy food?), but wtf was all those kids eating saw some drank in there though (she’s a sorry mom) Not even some milk (ROLL THA TAPE). I see why her sister cut her OFF…it’s like damn I’m taking care of you and your tribe and you have the nerve to pop another two or three out then bring some “step kids” in? GTFOH….Neffe is a mess she needs a job so she can support her kids on her own and quit looking around for handouts. BET needs to stop showing this foolery and put Frankie in rehab a blind man can see she’s back on that stuff! And Frankie let Neffe HAVE IT when she said…you giving Sollow’s son a party and ain’t gave your own kids one. Neffe is a fat mess and her pics are not cute. They need to work on they family and stay the hell off of TV. Freddy O I blame you too for putting this hoodrat up like she’s something we come to your site for great flicks and a lil gossip not the Queen of All Hoodrats…she needs to sit her baby makin ass down, she looks like a clown.

  6. CELEBS??? says:


  7. karen whitaker says:

    That show should never see the light of day – discusting, ignorant and waist of time and money.

  8. philly says:

    her biggest problem and more then likely will always be is SHE TRYS TO CHANGE EVERYONE BUT HERSELF….her mother is who she is(U CANT CHANGE PP TIL THEY READY 2 CHANGE) all the drama. she want let her man love her…ie drama, didn’t drop the issue on sister daddy…ie drama…this is what she lives for cause it takes away from her dealing wit her own problems…HER! get off tv and work on U! but thanks for giving me something to make me realize how great my family is..good lookn

  9. "thatBitch" says:

    Omg people are real mad. Especially thickndawesy,nycgirl and sherri. What has Neffe done t yal? Not A damn thing!this is What God has planned for Neffe n Frankie. Clearly,he keeps blessing them. And just like its 3-4-5 of yall talkn that negative shit. There’s thousands and millions who love them. 133.3 million viewers. Of the Frankie n Neffe show. “Catch that one” bitches.
    I love them and will be tuning in. They r real people,not made upp for tv. Like yall want them to be. That’s why its called reality tv. Duh.
    Keep doin you Neffe. You look Beautifulllllll by the way, I Know that damn Dariel “her personal hair n makeup stylist” had to do that, can I borrow him one weekend? Lol

  10. Nicolebshp says:

    Neffe I think your great! Your a strong black women and you take care of your kids!!Your an inspiration to me because I am a single mother of three tryna make it !!!! I LUVVVVVVVVVVV U NEFFEE! fORGET THA HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mo"Nique says:

    TO MY GIR L NEFFE: Dr. Maya Angelou said this—

    Can I get an AMEN????? Haters should be your Motivators!

    A hater is someone who is jealous and envious and spends all their time trying to make you look small so they can look tall. They are very negative people to say the least. Nothing is ever good enough!

    When you make your mark, you will always attract some haters…

    That’s why you have to be careful with whom you share your blessings and your dreams, because some folk can’t handle seeing you blessed…

    It’s dangerous to be like somebody else…. If God wanted you to be like somebody else, He would have given you what He gave them! Right?

    You never know what people have gone through to get what they have…

    The problem I have with haters is that they see my glory, but they don’t know my story….

    If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, you can rest assured that the water bill is higher there too!

    We’ve all got some haters among us!

    Some people envy you because you can:

    a) Have a relationship with God
    b) Light up a room when you walk in
    c) Start your own business
    d) Tell a man/woman to hit the curb(if he/she isn’t about the right thing)
    e) you are a strong person and don’t let people run you over
    f) you have a strong and loving marriage and they can’t get in-between spouses to spoil it

    Haters can’t stand to see you happy.
    Haters will never want to see you succeed.
    Most of our haters are people who are supposed to be on our side(like some family and friends).

    How do you handle your undercover haters?
    You can handle these haters by:

    1. Knowing who you are & who your true friends are*(VERY IMPORTANT!!)
    2. Having a purpose to your life: Purpose does not mean having a job. You can have a job and still be unfulfilled.

    A purpose is having a clear sense of what God has called you to be.
    Your purpose is not defined by what others think about you.

    3. By remembering that what you have is by divine
    prerogative and not human manipulation.

    Fulfill your dreams! You only have one life to live…when its your time to leave this earth, you want to be able to say, ‘I’ve lived my life and fulfilled my dreams, Now I’m ready to go HOME!

    When God gives you favor, you can tell your haters, ‘Don’t look at me…Look at who is in charge of me…’

    Just pray for them, that their life can be as fulfilled as yours! Watch out for Haters…BUT most of all don’t become a HATER!

    ‘A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.’

    Neffe, as you read all of the negative things that people say about you and your family, remember, their comments are based on what they see on reality t..v., the media, etc. etc. At the end of the day, these people really don’t know anything about you and yours. Stay strong girl and allow your haters to be your motivators.

  12. Ce Ce says:

    I personally like Neffie and I think change is good. You people are so judgemental. She is as real as they come. Keep doing you beau…let the haters hate. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU SWEETIE REMEMBER THAT!! May God continue to bless you and your family. I think she is a good mother. And the lady was married before you talking about her having all those kids…At least she loves her kids.

  13. coca says:

    hey neffie you real but you an ho all this diffant baby dadys then you want to try to get smat with your mom i got love faor my black qeens but if you dont want to be callled a ho dont act like one and god is
    by your fam side so dont trip let god work things iout an one day yall will be a good fam

  14. Mo"Nique says:

    One more comment and then I am done.

    WHYYYYYYYY are you all so concerned about how many children Neffe has and the different “baby daddys” she had her children by. Who cares!!!! Does it make her a bad mother because she had children by different men? The most important thing is that she has ALL of her children with her and not in foster care or living with various people. A person can have many children, but it becomes an issue when they can’t care for them.

  15. IAMAQUEEN says:

    Neffe looks nice in the picture. And I just hope she and all humans know its not where you been but where you going.

    COCA…please proofread before submitting.

  16. chocolate says:

    They need to just go awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ! ! ! !

  17. Not so Much says:

    No offense to Neffie but all of the Reality Shows can KICK ROCKS!!!! Can we see some real shows with real actors and actresses not rappers and rappers cousins , aunts and uncles, sister, half sisters and brothers and half brothers. I mean please they were all good in the beginning but now it’s gotten way out of hand. Please! calling on shows with real talent. Neffie best of luck to you and the kids hope you and Keyshia can work things out but never the less Neffie you have changed since you were first on Keyshia’s show. Then you were intriguing now your annoying! Leave the reality show be! PLEASE you and your mother and your sister Elite and your latest baby daddy! Please Spare US!

  18. Gloria says:

    The hair style looks nice. and neffe marvin sapp says it best ” He saw the best in me When everyone else around could only see the worst” that being said only God knows what we are going through.. & while ppl have their own opinions about us only he can judge us….. God Bless you and your family….

  19. flo says:

    Instead of taking all these pictures and shit, u need to go get a J.O.B.

  20. Sherrell (BeautiSherrell) says:

    I think she looks nice! No matter what you do or how nice you look, there is always going to be negativity! Most of the people that hate are the ones that wish to be where a person is in life! What I have to say to Neffe, Dariel, Elite and the Fam is, keep on keeping on! God has blessed you all thus far and he will continue to just that! I Love y’all!

  21. thicndawst says:

    The show is pure ignorance at its finest. I’m tired of the sceaming, yelling, crying, cursing and so on. I’m glad yall got out of the East Oakland slums because the Eastside O aint cool. I lived right down the block from Neffee. She was ghetto then and still is. I just want them to do better. JayZ said it best: MONEY CAN’T BUY CLASS

  22. Sherri says:

    TO “THAT BITCH”………..

    BITCH PLEASE!! Neffe is a hoodrat mess and you know it! How do you call living off of your sister a blessing? That’s someone else who was truly blessed and SHARED HER blessing with Neffe. Neffe would still be in Cali. getiing food stamps if her sister had not saved the day. Don’t get it twisted the people who tune in to watch the show are laughing AT them not WITH them. Her and her loud ass mama are a joke! And catch this bitch I see you had nothing to say about that triflin bitch not having no food, or Frankie clowning her about Sollow’s son b day party -vs- what she has done for her own kids. Because you know I’m right what does Neffe do besides make babies, scream, and cry? KC made the right choice to stick with her family that loved & raised her and are SANE. Those other fools would drive anybody crazy. Neffe’s house was nasty and to show that shit on TV..?? Come on!! NO dining room table (that’s tooo many kids eating on the floor), no food, trash bags up against walls and shit..I’d bet you money Neffe would be smoking crack if her SISTER would not have came to save the day! She needs to quit letting Dariel make her look like a drag queen. Nothing is fabulous about Dariel it’s REAL divas in the A putting it down (4 the gay men) and he ain’t one of em. He looks strange. People are laughing at his funny looking ass too. You know they say trash loves trash..Funny how he is her only friend…a trashy ass queen, he’s not even a diva. The only one on this show with hope is Elite..she has the chace to get away from them fools before they drag her down…but first she should check her mama in rehab!!

    ..? Where does Neffe work to support all them damn brats? We know from Frankie Sollow ain’t doing shit to bring to the house…I bet this bitch is on Welfare now because her sister cut them “county checks” off….and don’t tell me she’s getting money from that sloppy ass lame ass book…..I’ll check back later for the answer…..???? How does she support her tribe?????

  23. huh??? says:

    I only cheer the show on hoping frankie will move away from all her kids and go to dr drew rehab now that might help her…they made her get back on drugs how they treat her..frankie being her she a fun person to be around she might not clown as much if she aint have the drugs and drink in her..but i can’t blame the woman for being herself.

  24. Maria F says:

    Hopefully we’ll see a clean furnished house w/food in the fridge & the trash outside where it belongs, cause there’s just no excuse for that kind of nastiness. She’s just plain lazy… Her foolishness w/Frankie is NOT an example I want for my family, and those poor kids need better role models or they’re gonna wind up just like her… an embarrassment!!!

  25. sherri says:

    *******TO THAT BITCH******

    What happened?? No answer? Because that lazy hoe ain’t working she’s somewhere expanding her tribe of kids. Neffe is sad…her mama is a mess and a prime example of why you should never use hard drugs that shit can destroy you!! You see what it’s doing to Frankie….her poor kids have no hope and no daddy…and as America saw NO FOOD {cue:CPS}

  26. someone who knowss says:

    To that sherri bitch
    Bicth grow up you watch to much tv you dum. Bird you don’t know. Frankie or neffe but I can tell you watch the show heffa ol my bad your really a man you don’t like don’t tune in bird, I know every last one of them , that means keyshia neffe frankie elite sam soullow dareil roquie manny. And that shit you speaking on you don’t know shit! It is so sad that some ppl have so much hate! Its tv its tv most of what you see has a meaning behind it, keep watching you dum bird and maybe you’ll see what your tring to get out of there show! You know better you’ll do better bird! Stop f,,,,king hating! Ohh yea what make you think kc takes care of them? Bet is a job you dum f,,,,k you get a pay check, the only time you get a check is from working, bet is a job! In sherri mind,he she thinks that lil job that pay less than a stack a month is something to be proud of,well its not! Learn some shit then comment bird! READ BETWEEN THE LINES ITSTV!

  27. selena says:

    OK seriously how is it going to be a second season when they didn’t even have a full first season. The show just stopped.

  28. Bueaty says:

    What should we expect this season??? LOL MORE BABIES??????

    ATL / BITCH@# !!!!

  29. skyy says:

    yeah selena u right. the show prolly stopped cuz frankie was to cracked out to finish. remember she was missing 4 awhile a little back? she was mia like most crackheads do. we all know that!!

  30. Sherri says:


    I’m not childish so I won’t even entertain that “man” bullshit. I’m all woman babe you need to teach that funny looking fag you hang with how to be a man. You can say that was TV all you want, bullshit! Did that triflin bitch take her food out for a “good for tv moment”, or did she really not have ANY food (had sum drank tho’). They were not acting for tv that’s how those loud mouths are in everyday life! That’s why her sister pulled the plug on that bulshit mid season. YOU didn’t even have a full season because that shit (like Neffee & Frankie) are trash. And to be clear I have no hate for Neffe or her mama I wish them the best. They put they crazy life on TV so I can say what ever the fuck I wanna say to whoever the fuck I wanna say it to about it (SHUT that shit down if u don’t like ppl talkin’…oh Keyshia took care of that). Fuck you and your thoughts about what I am saying….TRUTH HURTS!!!?? And THEY say all the things Keyisha did for them on the show Neffe said her sister got her the house…that bitch would be project living had it not been for her sister. Neffee was all over the net right after Christmas saying “Keyisha didn’t buy any of Neffe’s kids gifts”…she cut them bitches off and they were bitter, they even had the nerve to say she “she got Monica’s kids gifts but not Neffee’s” like she owes them a Christams. That lazy nicca Sollow should have gotten gifts for the tribe. Keyisha didn’t owe all them rugrats shit! (Guess she showed yaw…lol)

    And as far as “BET Checks” go u know reality shows film in two to four weeks…so get the fuck outta here with that. You know like I know she’s not getting a check from BET monthly…keep it real and if that bitch was getting a stack a month she should’ve went out and got her own dining room table (before the show started) so she wouldn’t look like a fucking fool having all those kids and no table for them to sit at and eat while America watches on BET. She should have read between the lines and stepped her game up before she put it out there. You are mad because I am right. I am at work now and how much money you make is not important it’s what you do with it when YOU make it…and if it was “over a stack a month”…I’m damn sure she would have had a table on her own Frankie paid for that (see I watched the dumb shit sometimes, we all need a good laugh)… Her sister put out a statement after that Christmas shit that said she had “cut them off”..and cited “what you see on tv” as the reason. Frankie and Neffe ain’t acting they are a being themselves. Be mad at me if you want but you know I’m right and there will be no Season Two…..explain to us why Season 1 fell off…just dropped from the line up? BET got so many emails, calls, and wrost of all the ONE person who gave them ragedy hoes the show was sick of it, they made her look bad… Say what u want but the bitch is sorry, look at how she is living, and her need to make a baby every nine months by whoever is close..I could go on and on but you get the picture…Keyisha should’ve left her drunk sorry ass in East Oakland to fend for herself… can’t do shit 4 ppl nowadays!!! Send Frankie and Neffee to intervention they need help… sad and drunk and a crack head ain’t shit!!!!!!!

  31. someone who knowss says:

    Sherri the bird
    You just don’t get it do you bird! neffe never made a statement on christmas bird it was elite from what I read you really hate these ppl wow your opinon means nothing! Keep hating its a good look for you, everything your saying is something you seen on tv bird! That’s my point! No real facts bird! So fly away to another site and spread your hate to someone else that’s famous! Its he she like you that give are ppl a bad name! You know better you do better! And soon the real truth will surface an you will fell like shot down bird, bird!

  32. Angela K. says:

    I must agree with Coca, Sherrie, Maria F., Flo and the others. Neffee is trashy and should be somewhere getting a double dose of birth control! Her house was not what I expected, but I’m sure she is living much better than she was before her sister helped her out. I didn’t really like the show because who are they? Nobodys who are riding on Keyshia’s coat tail to tryin to be famous.They was funny on Just Like You but Frankie and Neffee show was sad man to have a lot of kids her frige was on E. I just went to u tube to check it. I don’t think ppl hate Neffe I just think ppl are tired of her hoodrat ways Neffee talk change but no change has come and I checked the web yo Keyshia did cut them off. They proly real hungry now! lmao

  33. Sherri says:

    **To That Bitch** I knew ur silly ass would have sumthin to say……………

    I DONOT hate anybody. I have the right to say that they are fucked up and you can check it or respect it….but it will be said. As you see bird the masses agree that Neffe is a mess, not a role model for our young girls to look up to. We want to see shows on TV that put a positive spin on life…like Monica’s show it’s something that can be respected that other fuckery only the hoodrats can see something in. And I don’t think you would catorgorize Neffe and Frankie as “famous” wtf do they do…?? sing, act, dance. Does this hoodrat bitch think being a mother of 12 and putting that shit on TV makes you “famous”? Your sister is a superstar and u think that makes you famous? Bitch u silly and not in touch with what’s real and that’s why your sister ain’t fuckin with u because we all know how a TOXIC bitch can bring a person who is going places down. I read this site often and check the comments cause I can do that….I see you still have said nothing about that triflin bitch not having no food, or about how Frankie let her have it about Sollow’s son’s birthday party……because you know I’m right. If you look up to this bitch you are DUMB. The only thing she can show you is how not to live your life that bicth was acting all divaish in CHURCH. She had no respect. Talks to her mother like she’s a dog……The bitch is lame and needs to ask Keyshia to borrow a few dollars for a trash CAN for the kitchen(who just lays trash bags around? oh Neffe) ….she let herself have it putting this shit on TV…..and I bet money there will be no season 2 Keyshia shut it down!!!!!!

  34. skyy says:

    frankie trifiling self need to go and find the rest of her lost children but shes NOT bcuz she prolly cant benefit from them. hell even on the show kc had to go find her in jail. thats where she would be if it wasnt for kc. on tv making a fool out of herself for millions to watch. its a sad day and time when a crackhead has her own reality show wit ppl laughing at her and not with her.

  35. Mad House says:

    She looks nice.

  36. flo says:

    Okay with all that said above, do your friend Neffe a favor and don’t post no more shit like this K !!!!

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