Nene Clears Up All The Drama About Being Stranded At Florida Airport



I guess drama between the Real Atlanta Housewives is off air too. It was reported that NeNe Leakes & Hubby were left stranded at the airport after she threw a fit. I spoke to the homie Nene who is furious about an event that she was supposed to attend (for free) but the details were a lil sketchy. Nene was invited to a charity event in Boca Raton, Florida by Leslie Harris  for  “Women On the Move” to raise funds for breast cancer research. Nene was told about the event three days ago and dropped everything she was doing to accomodate the event.

She told me that she was hurt by all of the actions that took place because she feels as though the promoter was all about the press but she thought it should be about the charity and raising funds.

After having few details confirmed about the event (which she was just told about 3 days ago) Nene called Lisa(who was also apart of the event) and told her she didn’t want to do press (TV station talk shows, and Radio station) and just wanted to go to the event. Nene said the lady over the event Leslie Harris, got upset and then disrespected her over the phone… Mind you Nene was in the airport about to get on the plane.

Nene feels as though the lady had been told something by someone else who is working with the event. (Drama Drama Drama thats going to come out on the show) Harris tried to cancel the tickets and the hotel room but from everything that Nene said that clearly didn’t work. Nene is currently  in her hotel room and as she so eloquently put it, “We gone party and drink it up on your mua- fucking ass.” She was never stranded.

Just so yall know Nene said:

“Ya I Did say “fuck you bitch” But thats just how I talk when I’m mad and felt like I had been disrespected,– I don’t have to lie”.  –

What yall think?


  1. Ooh DRAM-A! OOOOOOhhhhh Ne Ne, she needs more humility about herself. But she does look FAb in these pics. Work ghetto Bish!

  2. OMG! NeNe should really work on her attitude. Please sister girl get your act together and really try hard not to be so GHETTO (I know you’d like to believe that you aren’t but you really are) with everything you do. Open you heart to God…HE will humble you!

  3. Tammi I agree!!! this woman is soooooooo SHETTO…she is a HAM!!!! she is a psuedo celb anyway….#sityoassdown!

  4. Poor Greg in all this,lol. She’s gonna cause him to have a heart attack from all this drama she brought in his life. But its clear that she’s out for the money and publicity. Do press!! thats what gets people’s attention to the charitable cause. She’s not anybody anyway so what good would it do to have her at this event if no one knew but the people that were there?? C’mon now.

  5. We know who the real housewife of atlanta is: Phaedra Parkss! She and the hubby are in Miami now along with other housewifves..

  6. Nene has appeared to tone it down, ever since her less than rave reviews from last season, but it’s an act. Nene is definitely ghetto and even worse, she’sbig headed

  7. This story is not accurate. NeNe signed a contract stating she would partipate in n press outings. She is also NOT in the hotel that was reserved for her and her flight WAS cancelled. Please exercise responsible journalism.

  8. The real question is, did Nene feel like she didn’t have to do press because she wasn’t getting paid? She was/is still receiving some type of monetary gain. She was flown down there! People are not motivated by anything unless money is involved. Not buying she did it out of the kindness of her heart.

  9. Oh and she may not be in the hotel but its pretty damn hard to cancel a flight once that persons name on the ticket.

  10. HMMMMM…., it’s actually not hard at all. you call the airline and cancel the flight. If it is a full price ticket, she get sll your money back without even paying a penalty.

  11. Pride goes before a fall. Attitude determines altitude. You catch more flies with honey then with vinegar. In a nutshell, NeNe, sit your azz down and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  12. a bama isn;t relagated to being country, bamas are international chile. This brawd is just uncouth fake bougie , , crass and abrasive.

  13. JustShaking my head I love Nene…..However must she carry on with uncouth behavior all the time???? If my post doesnt make complete sense plz disregard I cant see what I type lol:-)


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