Nene Leakes’ Son Bryson Caught Stealing!


While Nene and Greg are back in love, it appears that her son Bryson has had a little trouble with the law…AGAIN. NeNe I know is hurt right now after finding out that Bryson has resulted to stealing razors from Wal-Mart. The bad part is that the razors have been valued at $14. Dang not a good look at all! Times must be hard. Gwinnett County officials charged Bryson with shoplifting and a probation violation late last night.

Dude can’t seem to stay out of trouble being that he was just arrested last year for marijuana possession and I thought I had it bad. Bryson should have took his mom’s advice and gotten a job. People don’t think this is how NeNe is cause she and her family are very loving and work hard for everything they have …. Nene don’t hurt him!


  1. In my opinion Bryson is seriously looking for some “NEGATIVE” attention for sure. I don’t quite understand how this man could go in a store to steal razors, and especially when i’m sure his dad has some available.

    Bryson, you’re going to have to do better young man, you can’t live off of your mother and father all of your life.

  2. This is what happens when women over spoil their kid/kids. His mom did too much for him when they first showed ATL Housewives, there’s nothing wrong with helping your kid but when they show their asses as being lazy then you have to step back and let them go.

    I think his mom did enough, too much but now it’s time for him to deal with his actions. There are consequences for every action so if I was his mom, I would let him hit rock bottom and pull his own boot straps up. She should continue to do her show biz thing while the money is out there and live. If big brother can’t get himself together then he will learn soon or later rather behind bars.

  3. I think nene should continue to do what she thinks is best it is her son and she is to deal with the situation I know I am a kid but trust me mothers know wat her child is capable of it is her decision to bail him out or not


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