New Artist: Watch The Duck New Single ‘Poppin’ Off”


Epic’s newest group, Watch the Duck, is an Atlanta based soul/EDM/Trap style group that are literally turning heads and making waves with new single, ‘Poppin Off.’ Check out video inside.


You’ll never forget where you were the first time you listened to Watch The Duck. This Trap/Dub Step/Soul/Hip-Hop/Dance innovators are taking music to a whole new level. Comprised of Eddie Smith III, Jesse Rankins, Jonathan Wells and The Duck (the most interesting duck in the world), they’ve kicked off their inevitable world domination with first single “Poppin’ Off” featuring dancers from DragonHouse (as seen on “So You Think You Can Dance”). Infecting sounds all over Atlanta, Watch The Duck debuted their latest mixtape “Black Music On Molly” in November, and will be releasing their highly anticipated EP in 2013. Get ready cause they are coming, and don’t forget to Watch. The. Duck.


Check out the video for new single, ‘Poppin Off’ below:



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