Newspaper Tells Black Readers To Not Call Police In Emergencies


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An editorial in a newspaper that focuses on the black communities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington is urging readers not to call the police in the event of an emergency. The editorial in “The Skanner” newspaper follows the police shooting of an African-American man last month. The article reads, in part, quote, “we cannot have faith that innocents won’t get caught in the firing line when trigger-finger officers arrive in force.”


Aaron Campbell was shot in the back by a Portland police officer. The incident brought in civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson to Portland for a rally this week. WOW.. What would yall do?


  1. Hey Fred!!! How are you? I pray all is well. Anyway, I had to comment on this one because I grew up in Portland,Or and I am truly shocked that “The Skanner” would not only run this story, but actually not retract it. The whole time I lived in Portland, we didn’t have issues with the police, we didn’t have people like Jessie Jackson coming to exploit us either. If you aren’t from Portland, you wouldn’t know that he went to the biggest church in Portland to get attention. How sad!! People like Jessie Jackson make those of us who actually care look bad. Why couldn’t he go to a church like New Hope or a smaller church? I think I know Aaron Campbell, and it’s sad that the city has come to this, but may God be with them all. Anyway, I ask that you all keep the city of Portland in your prayers.

  2. I’m from Portland, I actually currently live here. While I think the Scanner is completely wrong fro this story, I think their intentions are in the right place. In the fact that officer involved shootings are become all to frequent in Portland.

    To Renee- Aaron Campbell had an older brother who was in need of a heart transplant and died earlier that morning. Aaron got really upset and threatened to take his own life. Texting friends that he had a gun and was going to kill himself. They called the police, there has been a few different interpretation as to what happened after this. One officer was in contact with Aaron via text message and told him (Aaron) to come outside. This office did not share this with any of the other officers. Aaron came outside to the surprise of the other officers. Aaron was shot several times with bean bag rounds. Aaron was shot in the back with a rifle by an officer, who said Aaron was reaching for a gun. Other officers on scene said they didn’t believe he had a gun because after he was shot with a bean bag round his pant where around his knees, showing his boxers and he had a t shirt on and there is no way a gun of any size could have been in his boxers.
    The officer was suspended and brought before a jury and no charges were brought.
    The same officer was involved in an incident a few years ago where a man was filming this officer doing a search through a junk yard and the officer tasered him because the officer felt that the camera could have been used as weapon. The man that was tasered won a lawsuit against the city for $55,000.
    To read a full account of what happened go to

  3. I live down the road from Portland here in Corvallis home of OSU. This little town is a college town with nothing but drunk college kids that fight every weeks end that’s ok for them not me. I’m a writer up and coming film maker I have a short novel out called Deadly and Lethal. It’s a story of 2 cop killers. The story takes place over in Coos Bay. The book as been out since July 24th 09 google plus amazon it up any time peace.


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