NFL’s Star Chris Henry Dies After Falling Off Truck



Bengals receiver Chris Henry died on Thursday after falling from a moving truck in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday, according to police. He was 26. The football player had apparently been involved in an argument with his fiancée at a home when she drove away in a pickup truck. Henry jumped onto the bed of the truck, but fell out of the vehicle about a half-mile away.


A police spokesperson said homicide detectives were assigned to the case, but that no charges have been filed. A seemingly perpetually troubled player, the hot-tempered Henry was arrested at various times for marijuana possession, gun possession and assault, earning him the epithet of “one-man crime wave” from a judge – and his ouster from the Cincinnati Bengals in 2008. But after the Bengals’ owner gave Henry a second chance, the athlete seemed to have straightened out, staying out of trouble and focusing his off time on his fiancée and the three children they were raising.



  1. This is so sad and one extreme case of dometic violance. i bet if either of them knew this was what was going to happen in the future I bet they wouldn’t have gotten so hot headed and let things go. Man! RIP, now the children have to suffer with out a father…poy young babies! This breaks my heart!


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