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Nicki Minaj Returns To Twitter & Working On New Movie About Gay Character

Nicki Minaj returned to the Twittersphere.  In the photo above Minaj arrives at London’s Heathrow International Airport to catch a departing flight wearing ‘Tron’ style leggings and boots. 

The hip-hop diva reactivated her Twitter account on Wednesday, and provided a little bit of good news for her fans.


Shortly after greeting all of her devoted followers, Nicki announced that the video for her single “Starships” will be debuting Thursday at 7:56 p.m. Eastern on MTV.


The rapper went on to write that she’ll be shooting the video for her song “Right By My Side” this week.


Nicki deleted her Twitter account earlier this month without any real explanation.


It was rumored that she had been upset with a fan site that had leaked tracks off her latest album, but Nicki has explained that her beef with the site didn’t cause her to leave Twitter.


What Yall think?

In other news Nicki has been working on her first film. After news broke about Nicki retiring from the music industry, N Minaj has revealed that she may take her Roman Zolanski alter-ego out of music and into other mediums – with a potential book and film about the gay male already on the cards.

“Well I’ve been working on this character Roman and I’ve been just doing some things – writing like a story and hopefully I’ll make it into an actual movie,” she explained to Capital FM.

“I did a little snippet on the Grammys so that people could get to know the character Roman a little bit more and see how in depth he is,” she continued. “I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to focus on the movie stuff and the acting and the books and all that.”

Speaking to Digital Spy, Minaj revealed that Roman is a big part of her life and career, and is hoping that she’ll be able to use him to expand her horizons – adding that she thinks Roman relates to a lot of her fans, and that it would make sense to continue telling his story.

When asked if a Roman Zolanski fragrance could be on the way, Minaj replied: “Yeah, that would freakin’ be amazing. I’m actually working on something like that, but don’t tell anyone! Definitely with the movie and I was thinking about a book as well. I feel like Roman represents a lot of people and it would be good to tell his story and therefore tell their story. So we’ll see.

Nicki Minaj is currently supporting her sophomore record, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.”  The album, which opened at number one, sits at number six this week on the Billboard 200. H

Youtube superstar Sophia Grace and Rosie continue to delight fans, making yet another appearance on Ellen DeGeneres. This time around, Sophia Grace and Rosie perform Nicki Minaj’s “Starships.”

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