Nivea BIG Surprise Birthday Party! + New Album


Nivea Big Surprise Birthday Party

One of ATL’s number one peach’s celebrated her birthday in a big way. Nivea was given a surprise birthday party at one of Atlanta’s classic lounges, Luxe. I got the opportunity to hang out with my homegirl from way back(she forgot but I didn’t LOL). Nivea who showed up fashionably late and looked absolutely astonishing from head to toe as she always does in her skin tight red zebra out fit.

Seems like yesterday when me and Niv were hanging out in 7th grade homeroom and now we are all grown up living the good life. Nivea is one of those ladies that doesn’t need to stay in the media to gain the popularity vote, just by getting to know the essence of the real woman she is automatically wins your heart. She maintains her girl next door personality with a splash of diva and sophistication. That is why Luxe Lounge was packed from wall to wall and we partied the night away until the weee hours in the morning.

Nivea Big Surprise Birthday Party

Nivea is currently working hard in the studio on her next album, so make sure when it’s time to drop those smash hits, be ready. When she is not in the studio, Nivea is spending time with her beloved children whom which she adores and are her pride and joy. Those are the moments in life that truly take her breath away.

So from me to you Nivea wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday and I pray you get every wish and desire come to pass.

Love you Niv 🙂 Here are all the pic’s...


  1. Umm..first off that cake looks like it was baked by a 5th grade home ec. class..its horrible and tacky! and secondly, that outfit she got on is TERRIBLE! it does nothing for body and its mad TACKY..damn you’d think with all the money they got/making they’d hire a stylist or something..smmfh

  2. I thought she was droppin that mixtape around her pure lies smh been saying that since last yr..lmao anyways she looks like she is cool but damn her boo be looking soo thirsty in all the pics that I see ..not a good luck and I’m sorry The Dream and Wayne were not the best but they sure do have more swag than her current boo -_- ohh and the cake was cute but I thought chick didn’t even drink hahahahaa how they lie!

  3. She’s not that bad… she could definitely benefit from going to the gym.. she nees to loose about 15 pounds… but Weezy’s likes his chicks “nasty” thick… LMAOOOOOO

  4. that bodysuit was very unflattering.. she should really consider getting her body in order.. sex is what sells -duh.. the most talented ( jennifer Hudson) will fade into oblivion, because she’s not what people want to SEE.. hence Beyonce OWNs the industry… get a clue.. fat byches are soooo 1980.. dont let weezy fool you bew! LOL

  5. @Seriously………. Bitch shut teh fuck up and stop hating. You must be mad because your raggedy,tacky,ghetto ass wasn’t there. Go find something to do,bitch how about you go read a fucking book. Ignorant jealous ass whore…..Tell’em why you really mad son.

  6. I LOVE NIVEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 She looks beautiful! & Her body is great to say she has four kids.


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