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Photos : Academy Award winning “Monique” Spotted in Atlanta for the “Blackbird” movie Tour and greets humbled fans with pure love !


“Monique”, one of America’s favorite queens of Comedy is still on tour for her new movie “Blackbird”.The beautiful Monique is in town promoting her new movie Blackbird and of course you know the Queen herself gets major respect from fans as they spotted her arriving on the scene this morning. She embraced a homeless man with pure love as he wanted to  take a picture with her. See below ! Monique is making appearances everywhere such as Access Hollywood, and many other outlets.

The response at film festivals over the past year has been overwhelmingly positive: “I hear people and sniffle — and during the Q&A, someone always says, ‘That’s my story up there.’”

Blackbird is in line with my vision for UMC to bring together the African American/Urban production and taken community with distribution channel dedicated to showcasing and supporting their creative works. Please make sure to check out “Blackbird” in theaters April 24th !

Photos courtesy of Briana Crudup


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