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PHOTOS: “Grown Money Entertainment “Took Over ‘Hustle & Flow’ Open Mic Networking Event


Grown Money Entertainment (G.M.E.) took center stage at (YOU PLUG IN) (Facebook  Hustle & Flow Networking Event at Cream Ultra Lounge. Headlined by GME’s own Kwony Cash(twitter), he performed some of my favorites off his last released  mix tape “Don’t Sleep” on Live Mixtapes , as well as unreleased tracks. The crowd rocked along  while Kwony ran through hits such as “Feelings” and Locked In.


A notable moment was the introduction of the newest signee to the Grown Money Entertainment  label, Alexis Ayaana, crowned the GME Princess. Everyone went crazy as Alexis Ayaana performed her single “Balenciaga” for the first time ever, which features an all-star verse from Kwony Cash.

They tag teamed on the song which is sure to become a summer anthem for the ladies. To round out the roster, the camp including Niko Suave, Mr. Latex and Weetu Music all hit the stage to show why G.M.E. is on track to become one of the hottest record labels in Atlanta.

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