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The latest installment of Kandi Koated Nights was off the chain with their special guest Bambi. The Kandi Koated Nights gang which includes the regular suspects Kandi, Nikki Nicole, the DJ Aone, and special guest host the homie Funky Dineva. Bambi had to a lot to say last night and Kandi had to get some stuff off of her chest too.


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We were all the way turnt up last night at Kandi Koated Nights. Bambi had a lot to say. We were like “GIRL?”. The home girl wants you all to know that he is an 8 when it comes to sex. She also wants you to know she is strictly DICKLY. She aint interested in no woman or girls. She also suggested the big homie Lil Scrappy can work his tongue. Like I said she was all the way turnt up! Go head Bambi!

Kandi also had some stuff to get off of her chest regarding the up and coming Love and Hip Hop Star Mary Jane. Kandi said that Mary Jane had her beat last week and that she really don’t want none. Mary Jane better recognize Kandi is not the one to be tampered with. She is just letting her know!

Stay tuned because Kandi Koated Nights will have NeNe and Greg Leakes on its show in the upcoming weeks talking about their new reality show and relationship.

Next week Kandi Koated Nights will feature Benzino who love the girls and Kirk who just wants to be in the room when all of the loving is going down. Wonder if Rasheeda and her mama will drop off Kirk’s motor bike? Now that should be an interesting evening with Kandi Koated Nights!

Check out all the fun we had at Kandi Koated Nights:

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  1. Is this what resides in Atlanta ? Ugh! What the hell is that in the black pantsuit with the 5 o’ clock shadow, why is Bambi wearing hot pants with cellulite firming cream. Aarrrgh ick. Kandy, really.


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