PHOTOS: RHOA Kandi’s Wedding Private Premiere Party



Last night I had the chance to catch the premiere of my home girl Kandi’s new reality show “Kandi Wedding” at AMC Fork and Screen. The party was star-studded with Kandi and Todd’s closest friends.

Check out the details below.

My girl Kandi was on cloud 9 as she hosted a private premiere party for her hot new reality show “Kandi’s Wedding”

The reality show takes us behind the scenes of Kandi and Todd’s big day. It takes a lot of time, energy, and positivity when it comes to planning a big wedding. Last night we got the chance to enjoy the premiere show.

Mama Joyce was so much fun. We got the chance to meet Kandi’s fun aunts and got to hear about Todd’s family. The show is going to be hilarious to watch..

Check out the fun we had below.

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