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PHOTOS: TI Hosts Private Surprise Concert at Atlanta’s Greenbriar Mall


Thanks to the “King of the South” TI, Atlanta experienced one of the best concerts ever. The rapper turned masterful business mogul hosted a private “Thank You Atlanta!” concert for the City of Atlanta at Greenbriar Mall a hometown favorite and the beginning of it all for Grand Hustle. Surrounded by family and friends TI along with his Grand Hustle and Bankroll Mafia took us on a journey of over ten years of GREAT MUSIC, FUN MEMORIES, and the EXPECTATION of GREAT THINGS TO COME with his new partnership with Roc Nation and his invested stake in TIDAL.


Check out the details below.

DSC_2184The ATL was the venue, Greenbriar Mall provided the stage, and TI “The KING of the South” Harris provided us the journey of a lifetime. The rapper excitedly hosted an EPIC thank you concert for the city of Atlanta. The ATL native is known for his lyrical genius and his poetic prowess wanted to celebrate a monumental moment in his career and live with his beloved hometown. We gathered with much expectation to hear TI and enjoy the sounds of over 10 years of dope music and learn about his latest project “Money Talk“.


TI thanked his fans and the City of Atlanta profusely for always showing him tons of love and support. He shared that he’s joining the ROC NATION family and that he’s a co-owner in TIDALTLIDAL is the first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial, expertly crafted by music journalists. This is a major accomplishment for our hometown rapper and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to throw an epic concert!


TI mused with amazement at being able to throw a free concert at Greenbriar Mall to a packed house because just a few years ago he was a mere lad shopping its stores and meeting girls with his friends. He shared candidly that he’s a prime example of what positivity, hard work, and determination can create. He challenged the audience at Greenbriar and the fans live streaming on TIDAL to never give up on their dreams and to work actively everyday to get the life they desire.

TI hosted the concert with royal grandeur bringing out elements of his celebrated Grand Hustle Family and his Bank Roll Mafia. We got to enjoy the classic trap muzik where TIP brought out rapper Young Dro to party out on the classic bangers. London on the Track and the homie Doug graced the stage and the show was pure magic!


Then he transitioned to today’s hot music that invokes a passionate pursuit of entrepreneurship and focusing on the family hustle. The crowd went wild when he introduced Young Thug to the stage and the two rocked all the way out.


TI was not alone to celebrate this momentous occasion. He was supported by close family and friends including his beautiful wife that’s expecting the couple’s new baby Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Check out that adorable baby bump!


The homie Usher Raymond came out to lend his support. Shout out to Usher for not only posing for some dope shots but giving me a couple of tips on how to use my brand new nikon!


The lovely singer/songwriter Keri Hilson was in the house to hear the great sounds.


Some of Atlanta’s hottest stars was in the building to lend their support and show TIP much love including Polow Da Don, Rock City, Killer Mike, DC Young Fly, Young Thug’s manager Duke, Councilman Kwanza Hall, and two of the dopest managers in the industry Clay and Cortez just to name a few. The show was pure epicness and I feel blessed to have been able to enjoy the evening of music!

In addition to throwing TIDAL’s concert TI hosted his mother’s big birthday party the same night at his restaurant Scales 925. If you haven’t made it by the spot you are missing a treat. Happy Birthday Mama TI! Be sure to come back for those photos of the birthday celebration.



Check out the rest of the concert images below.


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