Press Play: #CardiB Presents Cover Art for Mixtap “Gangster Bitch Music Vol 1”



Instagram sensation and knockout “Love and Hip Hop” star new mixtape is dope and is situating her as a force to be reckon with in Hip Hop.

Check out the details below.

Cardi B is the dream and hopes of all up and coming Instagram stars who desire to turn their photos and 14 second clips into a thriving career that will lead to money and fame. Cardi B is known for her candor about her pass that includes stripping, hosting parties, and using her wit and charm to get her message and face on the small screen every week. She instantly won our hearts and EVER TING on this season of of “Love & Hip-Hop“, and she’s now showcasing her rap skills that include her quick wit, humor, and lyrical style over dope beats.

Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 offers production from Swift on Demand, Shaft, James SwanQo, Sean Allen, Josh Xantus and BMC Beats, and an intro and outro featuring her appearances on the Breakfast Club and Street Soldiers, respectively. Cardi is all about girl power. All I got to say is watch out Nicki.……Cardi B is coming through!

I’ve listened to the entire mixtape and it’s dope. The production has comedy, trap music, and empowerment to people not to let your past dictate your future. Gangster Bitch Music Vol. 1 has great range and insight on a dynamic persona.

Check her out below:


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