Publicity Stunt? Drake and Nicki Minaj Announce Marriage


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Hmmmm….Last night (Aug 27), the twitterverse was buzzing with news that Drake and Nicki Minaj tied the knot. In the song “Miss Me,” he devotes a couple of bars to swooning over Nicki,

I love Nicki Minaj
I told her I’d admit it
I hope one day we get married just to say we f-cking did it
and girl I’m f-cking serious I’m with it if you with it
cause your verses turn me on and you pants are mighty fitted

but who knows if this is anything more than a publicity stunt. Check back in with FreddyO for more information as this story unfolds.

Picture 4 Picture 3 For now, here’s a recap from an interview where Drake talks about his crush on Nicki.

Do you think they really got married? or just a stunt?


L. McFly


  1. If they dont stop this fake front shyt!
    I heart Drake but it seems like the young lad has had a crush on ERRBODY!!!//and falls in love much too quick!
    I aint buying it!
    Plus we know Nikki prefers the Kitty anyway!..lbs…


  2. of course its a publicity stunt duhhhhh ;; they just wanna see just how far people like yu would take it ;; they both said themselves that they`re FAMiLLY , the whole YM iS NOTHiN BUT FAMiLY ! smh people believe ANYTHiNG these days lol


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