Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested AGAIN!!!



The big homie Young Jeezy was arrested again for basically saying F da police! Less than three weeks after Young Jeezy turned himself in after allegedly beating up and threatening to kill his teenage son, the rapper has been arrested AGAIN. What’s up with the police coming to your house disrespecting you and then arresting your for obstruction? It’s all so trifling and confusing!

Check out the details below.

The police responded to a home alert in Alpharetta believed to be the home of Young Jezzy’s girlfriend. The security alarm went off alerting the police to come check out the residence but nobody would come to the door. I really don’t know what was going on. I don’t know why the cops were called. All I know is that the police showed up and the homie Jezzy was like “BE GONE!”.  He refused to provide his name and the cops don’t respond to well to a brother not giving his government name. The brush off led to Jezzy being labeled as uncooperative and that led him to being handcuffed. That lead him to being pulled out the house and given an obstruction charge.

You heard me they took the homie to the jail. Brothers who read my stuff just do the right thing and oblige the police! You don’t need these kinds of problems in your life.

Stay tuned for more details.



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