Raven-Symoné Talks About Negative Bloggers



Actress, singer, tv personality, and MINI MOGUL Raven-Symoné recently sat down with Wendy Williams and spoke about the internet and BLOGGERS. She seemed really upset and didn’t like that the direction blogs and bloggers are going….interesting…I wonder why…It seems as though many blogs don’t keep it real and tend to make things up, according to the Ms. Symone. Keep it 100 basically. I hope she visits Freddyo.com and feels the LOVE we have for her…

Its amazing how “Little Olivia” from the COSBY Show has blossomed into a stunning 24-year-old with a rocking ass haircut. She also spoke about the new MULTI-CULTURAL women’s empowerment movement on PEPSIWEINSPIRE.COM that also include Queen Latifa and others. Simone indicated how she has new movies and music coming up, and WILL be back to CO HOST WITH WENDY WILLIAMS!! I must say, she has the PERSONALITY to do it. What yall think? Check out the clip above. Shot out to Concreteloop for posting the video.


  1. Alot of people give her a hard time because she happens to a curvy young lady, they refer to her as fat. She’s not fat , even a her heaviest, she really wasnt fat! She looks like the average BLACk beautiful young woman! The ones makn that comment is White people, theyd wether her be pencil skinny lookn sick, and then they call it perfection! Damn that, Raven is fukn fab!


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