Ray Lewis Private Retirement Party With Family and Friends in Atlanta


reggieHoward-raylewisReggie Howard (former NFL Carolina cornerback)far right/Ray Lewis in the background

Seems everyone was trying to predict when Ray Lewis would have his retirement party since the announcement that this would be his last season. Ray Lewis celebrated at a private location in the ATL with a live band, plenty of food, cocktails and liveBandlove for the BIG GUY was in the air. We respected Ray’s privacy and didn’t bombard him with photo requests. Besides his 2 police escort security people wouldn’t let any photographers get near him.
EdHartwell-poolEd Hartwell was spotted at the party. Seems there was a very controversial Bulletin Board circulating that was put out by the Clear Channel with the billboard18s-1-webcountdown by the hour and minute of Ray Lewis’s retirement. When you are such a Legendary star player like Ray Lewis and you have achieved his status in the NFL seems parting ways with the Sport you love the most Officially could be a bitter sweet ending for any player.

steviebaggs-123-rayeStevie Baggs longtime friend mentee and supporter of Ray Lewis

jonell-reggieHowardThe billboard, and the shot at the Patriots, is likely in response to a similar billboard in Massachusetts that mocked Lewis’ retirement. The sign was a giant ‘Ray’s Retirement Party’ countdown, counting down the days until the Patriots and Ravens played in the title game.

Reggie-MagentaDressLewis said it almost made him cry when he saw it (I’ll pause here while you grab tissues), but it also put a fire in his belly, motivating him to go out and stick it to the folks who are against him. Well I guess it’s not official until it goes down in the ATL!




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