‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Cynthia Bailey Reveals: After 3 Months Without Sex Peter Almost Left Her


cynthia baileyIt’s no secret that sex is an important part of a healthy and happy marriage.  Reality TV couple Cynthia Bailey is speaking quite candidly about a recent sex issue she had with husband Peter Thomas when the cameras stopped rolling on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Look inside to get more details about how the reality show couple weathered the storm during Cynthia’s health scare.

Cynthia and peter45-year-old model, Cynthia Bailey suffered from fibroids, a serious health problem common among black women.  A couple of episodes back you remember Peter made a light-hearted comment about them not having enough sex while the cameras were rolling.  At the moment, Cynthia brushed it off, but now they are sharing just how serious a sex-less marriage is and how it can lead to divorce.

cynthia peterIn an interview with Life & Style, Cynthia confessed “We’d be divorced for sure,” Cynthia reveals to Life & Style, on newsstands now.

Peter’s quick to agree: “I know we would have been done,” he tells Life & Style. “There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.”


  1. that’s what those vows are about. that should tell her something. when you get sick or broke, theu out the door.

  2. peter—-I am from the Caribbean . I would be really angry with you if you had divorced this beautiful charming wife because of lack of sex .do you think she would leave you if you became impotent ? I am sure she would not .Please understand that marriage has much more to it than SEX. Cherish your wife .


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