RECAP: R&B Divas LA Episode 2 “The Divalogues”


rbdivasla-freddyo1Chante celebrates her birthday but bad news from an ex threatens her happiness, Kelly finally reveals what her top secret project is, and Claudette confronts her past and faces the music. Check out the recap and video of this episode of R&B Divas LA…

Last week, the series premiere of R&B Divas LA shot all the way up to #1, letting everyone know that these new group of divas mean business. We can tune in every week to see these ladies celebrate their triumphs and deal with their tribulations in perfect harmony.

divasla-s1e2-freddyo-missjaye2Kelly plans a surprise birthday dinner for Chante, a complete spread of all her favorites like crab, lobster, fresh corn, and more. Too bad there wasn’t a “scratch-and-sniff” feature enabled for our TV screens. Kelly also lets the ladies know what her secret project is, a singing monologue performance. The monologues would take their music and life stories and turn them into a dramatic presentation. The divas all agree to take part but all know that it’s going to take some soul searching to make their stories authentic.

divasla-s1e2-freddyo-missjaye3Claudette has lunch with her ex-husband and ex-bandmate Ryan Toby of City High. He asks her if she’s recording music again and urges her to come see him in the studio, because he has some tracks for her. Issues about their past relationship resurface, and divasla-s1e2-freddyo-missjaye4Claudette isn’t sure she can trust herself around Ryan again, especially when he asks her if she still loves him. Way to make it messy, sir.

divasla-s1e2-freddyo-missjaye5Chante meets up with one of her ex-husbands Kadeem Hardison, who we know him as Dwayne Wayne from “A Different World.” Chante and Kadeem have a great relationship even after their divorce, and as she’s dealing with her current one with R&B singer Kenny Lattimore, she leans on Kadeem for some extra support. She reveals that Kenny is suing her for full custody of their son. The situation is taking a toll on her emotionally and she feels like she’s becoming an adequate mother as a result.

divasla-s1e2-freddyo-missjaye6Later Chante shoots a live video at her church, performing one of her favorite gospel songs. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as she singing, and the divas realize that Kelly’s monologue project is going to force them to face some tough issues in their past.


Check out the entire episode below:

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  1. Saw the Divalougues, and saw what Kelly and Dawn did! The Divalogues were waaaay better. Kelly Price is really nasty! Terrible attitude. Really got


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