Rihanna Copies Joseline Hernandez Hair Style : RiRi Wins Legal Battle Against Topshop


rihanna-copies-joseline-hernandez-hair-style-against-topshopRihanna has come out victorious in her legal battle against British fashion retailer Topshop.  The singer went after the company last month for printing her image on a t-shirt without her permission.  Not only did she win the case, the U.K. judge also declared her “a style icon” in the written decision.  The judge wrote that young women age 13 to 30 “are interested in what they perceive to be Rihanna’s view about style and fashion” and “regard her endorsement as important.”

But it wasn’t her “style icon” status that won the case.  The judge took into consideration that the printed photo was taken during the shooting of her 2011 “We Found Love” video, saying that it is “a particular picture of her associated with a particular context, her ‘Talk The Talk’ album.”

rihanna-copies-joseline-hernandez-hair-style-riri It was ruled that Topshop was therefore misleading fans into thinking she had endorsed the product.  Rihanna had sued its parent company Arcadia for five-million dollars.

rihanna-copies-joseline-hernandez-hair-style-riri-wins-legal-battle-against-topshop1In other news the RiRi recently posted photos of her new hair style that looks a lot like my girl Joseline Hernandez for LAHHATL. Just so yall know I was told that when ever Rihanna has free time Love and Hip Hop ATL is one of the TV shows she likes to watch… What yall think are yall feeling it?



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