Rihanna Loves Viktor & Rolf & Their Shocking Dresses



So I just told yall about Viktor & Rolf and their dresses last week… well look at who has one on. Rihanna showed up to Clive Davis Pre-Granny Party wearing Viktor & Rolf, I have to say the style is shocking and at times a bit much. I wonder how much they paying her for all this free press?

I like their style,- –  its different but I don’t think I like it on her… Yall tell me what yall think?

Rihanna who is a very big fan of their work went on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ also in one of their dresses, wearing a black and white asymmetric Tuxedo dress with tulle from there Runway collection…


  1. She looks absolutely ridiculous in that dress. It is not cute at all. The only reason she is wearing it is for shock value, thats why she wears everything she wears. Shes almost as bad as lady gaga its never cute but always gets your attention. I will say she is a very pretty girl she just needs to tone it down alot!!

  2. I love it! Rihanna can wear anything & make it look good, hip & elegant, real talk. I remember when I was high school ppl use to tlell me the same thing. Everything I wore would become a hit at school, even the way I styled my hair, lol…so I understand her when she said she likes to be different.. At the same time it builds up your confidence when others look up to your taste in fashion


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