Rihanna Tells Piers Morgan to “Grow a D!@k”


Rihanna has always been known for her style as well as her music. Over the course of her career we have seen her pull off almost every style possible. From grungy tomboy to runway diva, from long red hair to short and jet black. I think she looks great in whatever she wears but apparently CNN reporter Piers Morgan doesnt agree. After seeing rihanna recently  at the Paralympics in London he  made this comment about her on twitter.

After Rihanna caught wind of this comment soon after getting off stage she promptly responded to Piers.


What do you think? Was he right for making that comment? Do you agree or disagree with Piers?


  1. Yes Rih!! I’m incredibly happy she shot back at Piers…. when will minority women be recognized for their achievements and support of significant events such as the Paralympics…. and not be ridiculued for their appearance. Rih is gorg no matter what but the fact is and will remain that hypocrites and irrelevant people such as Piers will need to make statements like this for someone to even pay attention to him


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