Roland Martin Leaving CNN


MartinvThere are more staff shakeups at CNN with new boss Jeff Zucker re-tilling the soil. Roland Martin is heading toward the exit door. The journalist, author and contributor announced via Twitter Tuesday that he would be leaving the cable news network on April 6th, telling one of his followers, “new boss wants his own peeps.”

CNN suspended Martin last year for a Twitter comment he made about a David Beckham Super Bowl ad. Some critics called Martin’s tweet homophobic. He returned to the network after an apology and a month-long suspension. Martin, who joined CNN as a contributor in 2007, joins a growing list of contributors recently pink-slipped by the network. James Carville, Mary Matalin and Bill Bennett are also on that list.


  1. Whoever the jackass is firing Roland is a fool and must notice that he is loosing a valuable asset to the CNN team but whoever is replacing Roland must bring it and be on point because Roland has proven himself to be a key player in CNN journalist and contributor department…. ALso roland dont mind leaving a mind of this status and education can easily find a new job and paying better also with greater benefits…

  2. Thats because they are just as prejudice as Fox News I think it is horrible the disrespectful things they say abt President Obama so u know they dont mind getting rid of an educated BLACK MAN that say it how it is…….


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