Romeo And Kirstie Alley Kissing After DWTS Rehearsals


It was only a matter of time before one of the ladies of DWTS took matters into their owns hands and put the moves on heart throb Romeo.Romeo makes it no secret that he isn’t ashamed of his body and he loves to show it off to the ladies just to keep them a little more interested then his competitives. I guess Kirstie Alley’s got a little vulnerable after watching Romeo shake and repeatedly thrust his pelvis during rehearsals that was going to make her move when she thought no one was looking.

Kristie was asked about the kiss she planted on poor Romeo:

“Romeo and I got bored today so we decided to put on a little freak show for the paps,”

Let’s be real y’all, she wasn’t doing that mess for show, she was just trying to get it in how she fit in since she isn’t the prettiest pebble on the beach!
Spotted DramaDupree
What y’all think?

Pics courtesy of Celebuzz



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