Shaunie O’neal Dishes On Shaq, Evelyn, Royce & More…



Recently Shaunie O’neal, had an in depth conversation with the “Breakfast Club” at Power 105.1 to discuss her highly rated hit reality show “BasketBall Wives”. Shaunie directs, executive produces, and stars in the drama crazed show that has all her fans on the edge of their seats anticipating the return of Season 3.

She goes on to discuss the rumors of Royce being kicked off the show, Whether her long time friend Evelyn is erally quitting the show and her thoughts on her ex-husband Shaq and newly engaged fiance reality jump-off Hoopz.

Check out the Interview:

On Whether she would be kicking Royce off of the show
That was all rumors. She can’t talk about [Dwight Howard], that is very true but Royce has established her own fan base. There are some people out there that love Royce. Even when that rumor came out people were like “No, don’t get rid of Royce!” I did think Royce was like the wild card at first and she kind of was. We opened up season 1 and she was doing the booty dance and after she did that it was when the world saw it and had stuff to say.

On Evelyn and Tami’s fight
When I’m in a scene, I’m not anywhere in the producing seat. I found out that night at the dinner table. It was just like I get Evelyn’s side….I do. She and I have talked about it and she’s like “well, remember this person was there, this person is normally not there, remember when this was said, what if this happened…” Those things, those pieces she is right. It was a couple things that were fishy about the evening but no one told me to do or say anything.

Why did she even admit it?
I don’t know and that’s where we are now. Evelyn is my friend so we talk and some friendship stuff. I said, “Ev you know, you didn’t have to say it but she felt for whatever reason from some where that she did need to talk about it. Ev is my friend, friend. That’s the one that I’ve been closes with from jump from when we were in Miami. I’ve known her the longest and I feel really bad because here we are now and she’s getting so much back lash on Twitter and FaceBook for something that was ten years ago.

Let me say this, It took about 10 people to pull Evelyn away. It was so many people on Evelyn. After Tami had got her little bit out, she kind of let it go but Evelyn, it took about 10 minutes and 12 people to hold her back.

Is Evelyn leaving the show?
Evelyn hasn’t told me that. We were talking and I’m being as supportive as I can as a friend and holding her down. No, she’s hasn’t told me she’s leaving and everybody has signed up for season 3.

Are you going to have anything to do with this alleged spin off show that Evelyn and Ocho Cinco are supposed to be getting?
That’s an alleged thing but that depends on the legal side. If it the same network.. that whole thing is how if I have any parts.

How do you feel about Hoopz being engaged to Shaq? Are they really engaged?
I really don’t know. I have no idea. We don’t talk about that


  1. It,s really sad that Shaunie is holding evelyn down when she was dead ass wrong for even bring that shit up , after Tammi opened up with that fake ass hoe. Shaunie also needs to stop being insecure because Royce is young , attractive and doesn,t have a house full of children, she needs to focus on raising her children and stop playing games with a dude who’s using her for what ever he can get!

  2. That bish Shaunie is so gatdam phony and messy!!
    She needs to get a dam nostril reduction!
    I can see that tramps fallopian tubes thru her dam nose!!

  3. Evelyn was talking about how Royce dress and Tami throughout the show, she dress like a hoe instead of a lady in Spain she had the nerves to wear stretch pants and a tank top doing fashion week how dare she speak on how someone dress, on the reunion she her makeup was clashing with her outfit because she had too! too! much makeup on make her look fake as hell and red with dark eyes that wasn’t working for her and her hair was plain as always so what the fuck is she talking about even ochocinco told her she can’t dress he can make her look better. She think pretty but her personality make her look ugly.


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