Shaunie O’Neal Says Shaq Doesn’t Spend Time With Their Kids

Leader of the pack on Basketball Wives, Shaunie, has much to say about her ex-husband Shaq. In a recent interview with Celebuzz, she told them in so many words, that Shaq doesn’t spend as much time with the kids as she would like especially since he’s retired now. Celebuzz asked specifically:

Do you and Shaq still maintain a good relationship?
We’re okay. Since the divorce, it’s been more traumatic for the kids. They don’t get to see him or talk to him very much, like I wish they could. But I double up and I do what I have to do.

Now that he’s retired do they get to see him anymore?
No that’s the [unfortunate] part. That’s what I thought would have happened, but it’s not quite happening that way, so that part’s a little disappointing. I can only do my part, and do it well.

Glad to see that Shaunie is taking the high road and still keeping up with her motherly duties despite what Shaq chooses to do with his time (cough, cough, Hoopz, cough, cough). It’s also good to see that she didn’t bash him like any other baby momma would have done had they been given the time. Despite the drama that goes down on her show, she appears to be above the mess in her interview.

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10 responses to “Shaunie O’Neal Says Shaq Doesn’t Spend Time With Their Kids”

  1. rere28cool says:

    How she going 2 tlk whn she dnt spend time wit thm either cuz she 2 busy wit a reality show tell her 2 stop that

  2. Shantrell says:

    I don’t think she’s taking the high road. That would require her to say only positive things about the situation. Besides, she said “like I wish they could”. That’s how she feels.

  3. Veronique Camp says:

    My perception has totally changed of her, after watching BBW. She definately was not taking the high road.

  4. Vontrell says:

    Y’all need to stop hating on her y’all don’t know what goes on behind scene I think she is taking the high road period point blank

  5. Dilla says:

    i really don’t understand why people give Shaunie such a bad rep. Those women are grown as hell and they behave the way that they wish to behave. Shaunie instigates shit but so do the rest of those hoes so….
    Shaunie carries herself well . Of course she spends time away from her kids just like every other working mother in the world. Is she supposed to take the divorce money and live on it forever? It won’t last, she has to make a living. If I recall correctly Shaquille cheated on her the full marriage so how is she so wrong? I just don’t get why people hate her so much

  6. TT says:

    Shaq is wrong for not reaching out to the children, if this story is true.

    Shaunie has proven herself to be a childish as Tami, Evenly and Jennifer, she’s two faced, fake, the fucked up mean girls that were middle school age and I wouldn’t trust this bitch with my eyes looking right at her. From what I can see about Shaunie she’s a trouble maker so why would I believe this story.

  7. TT says:

    “I don’t”

  8. MISS says:

    Yeah she is taking the high road alright, all the way to Italy. How do you say you are doing so much for your kids when you are never seen with them???? You take trips with yo girls and we have never seen you in public with your kids. Your man yeah but never your children??! Chile please.

  9. Ladii says:

    i swear u chicks r so damn critical! Shaunie is not all about the drama on bbw…it’s the other chicks who are in situations and can’t handle their emotions and do and say stupid ish…..u can’t blame her for stuff that other grown women do. Granted she did have that issue with Gloria…but that’s the only time u really saw her blow up. Now as far as her statements about him not being there as much as she would like how is that different from any other mother who wants her kids father to spend more time with their kids. I didn’t see any negativity in her statement. It’s how she feels. To try n call her out saying she’s not a good mother or not there for her kids because she took one trip to italy is ridiculous. She deserves a vacation. N who r y’all to say she’s a bad mother for taking one. The father is missing n gone most of the time but that’s ok n as soon as she takes a break she horrible. U don’t even see h on the show very much which means she’s not all about the reality ish n tryna keep up with the other chicks, she’s with her family. Some of y’all really need to grow up because half of u have done way worse then anything she has supposedly done.

  10. matt smith says:

    Girl please u on a show with 40 yr olfato actin inmaturo, u suplidos to be a matute motherly lady, u got money quit bitchin

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