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Shawty Lo “All My Baby Mommas” Protest! Just Change the Name to “The NEW All My CHildren” Bruh!

shawtyloShawty Lo’s name hasn’t been popping this much since he performed at Luckie Food Lounge the night Wendy Williams was in the house! Alright den Lo! It was a good end of the year. He was gracing the Cover of Girl Talk Magazine and What-not! Then his reality show got picked up by Oxygen! I hear Shawty Lo’s name come up on the 11’o’clock news on 11 alive (Not Good) Now the same people raising the roof while he was on stage are now trying to tear the man down. Hey he’s taking care of these kids and for some deadbeat donors men of the nations ITS MORE than they do ducking child support. This is normal everyday life.for a lot of menFolk..You think they think You tryna Embarrass the black race Lo? Well 23,000 people have signed the petition. Check out the trailer.The people want to hear back from Shawty Lo. I mean I think It would be interesting to see how one man juggles all of these kids and women and put the man with 2 kids and 1 babymomma that’s NOT paying child support to shame . What do you think? I mean maybe if he just changes the titles to BIG LOVE or Happily Ever AFTER, or The new ALL MY CHILDREN, That’s IT!!! I like it!  Dear Oxygen? Can I get Creator Credits for my title suggestion or is this gonna be another Drake and YOLO situation ?

shawty-lo-all-my-babies-mamasand I think it’ still about 4 people missing from the picture.

Cover: Photography Courtesy of Ojay Rice

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