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Shawty Lo’s Pregnant Girlfriend Shakes Her Laffy Taffy on on Birthday Bash 18 Stage

In Tomfoolery news: Shawty Lo brings out half naked baby mama to shake her ‘LAFFY TAFFY’ on Birthday Bash 18’s Stage last night.

If you missed Birthday Bash 18 you missed out on a good good time!

Just when you think you have seen it all. Shawty Lo pulls another stunt that leaves us shaking our heads and wondering WHY!


Shawty Lo brought out his girlfriend who’s very pregnant on Birthday Bash stage to shake it up for the crowd. How is this appropriate? There’s a video to accompany the following picture. Once we get access to the videos you will see it here.

Look like the childless girlfriend can proudly join the cast of Baby Mamas on Shawty Lo’s forthcoming reality show ‘All My Baby Mamas‘. We can’t create this stuff. Last night was very interesting. Be sure to stay tuned as we share our recaps of the good time we had last night.

What do you think about Shawty Lo’s baby mama shaking her pregnant ‘Laffy Taffy’ on stage?

Is it ever appropriate for a pregnant woman to TWERK?

Leave your comments below.
Image: Media Take Out.

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