She Get It from Her Mama? Mother and Daughter Booty Shakin Contest

At Too Short’s Houston concert, a mother and daughter went butt-to-butt to see who could shake that booty the best. If you can stomach this video, check it out. I’m not even going to ask why a mother and daughter both attended a Too Short concert. Somebody tell the Grandma to come get her daughter and granddaughter.

11 responses to “She Get It from Her Mama? Mother and Daughter Booty Shakin Contest”

  1. LAYLA says:

    Man, I couldn’t even finish watching it. I feel real embarassed for the mother. I don’t know any son who would want to exploit their own mother and child like this. Too Short ought to be ashamed of himself.

  2. LAYLA says:

    Oops I misread, I was thinking this was Too Short’s momma. LOL!!

  3. Tony says:


  4. Da'jah says:

    damn shame

  5. ALICIA says:

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  6. TBOP says:

    I didn’t finish watching the video either. I wouldn’t dare compete against my daughter. Hell, I wouldn’t go anywhere like that with my daughter. That mom should be ashamed of herself. That’s a “Too Short” concert, not “The Temptations” concert. Mom, you shouldn’t have been there. You should’ve been in a club for people 35 and older, sipping on coke and hen. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! Oh well, it’s done now. YOU (THE MOM) ARE DEFINITELY GETTING TALKED ABOUT.

  7. ITS ME says:

    ha ha those two sriously should be EMBRASSED‼

  8. wetdreamz says:

    My momz is 40 and her body is still banging just like mine. Her body don’t look a day over 20. You would have to pay her 1, 000 and up to see her dance tho!!!! Then we wuld shut yall bitches down.

  9. adiamind says:

    I was there @ the too short concert in fact I was on stage aswell… and the mom and daughter wa just dancing not being hoes like those naked hoes on stage. People are just mad cause mom can still work it.

  10. Whatever says:

    I have seen worst and i think everyone else is just mad because the mother is looking as young and fresh as her daughter. Don’t judge, you are probably doing something worst than both of them.

  11. ShoeFetish says:

    Mom looks good, just because she old; doesnt mean she cant work it! Shake that ass let me see you get low!

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