Sherri Shepherd: ‘I Didn’t Wear Underwear On My Wedding Day!’


The View co-host recently revealed on air that she didn’t wear any underwear during her wedding! It seems her homegirl and bridesmaid Niecy Nash advised her not to. Sounds cool, but the problem came when the microphone pack for her TV special on Style Network fell down her back. When her friends started to lift up her dress to fix the problem, Sherri yelled, “‘No, I have no panties on!’ …and one bridesmaid thought I kept screaming, ‘My pancreas! My pancreas!.'”

Elisabeth Hasselback, Sherri’s co-host and bridesmaid, added that she was “like a person drowning who won’t let you help them…I was ready to slap you.”

Should she have worn underwear on her wedding day?

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Here’s a snippet from the show:


  1. She’s just nasty. I guess she thinks that it was risque and sexy? No, not picturing her fat ass doing that shit. Yuck! A hot, pretty chick not wearing panties under a wedding dress might be sexy. Still kinda skankish, though..

    Some people will do anything to get some extra press.

    By the way, who the hell did she marry – her father? Dude looks hella OLD!


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