Slim Thug Just Got Checked


Marc Lamont Hill, the Columbia professor who recently checked Bill O’Reilly after O’Reilly insulted him just checked Slim Thug for his bemeaning comments about “most” black women  during  a recent interview with Vibe. Oh wait a minute Slim; didn’t your girl attend Columbia? Anyhow, read what Professor Hill had to say in an open letter.- Oh yeah follow me on twitter Courtney L.


A few days ago, you made comments in Vibe magazine that have caused a great deal of controversy. While I appreciate your willingness to offer your opinion in public, you made several statements that were not only unfair and untrue, but deeply damaging to our community. Normally, I would reach out to you privately, but since your comments were made in a very public place, I feel compelled to respond in the same manner.

As an artist who is respected by millions of fans, particularly young ones, I found your comments to be hurtful and irresponsible. For good or for bad, our children follow the lead of you and other artists for everything from fashion and slang to self-esteem, body image and relationships. Imagine how a young black girl feels to hear from you, her role model, that her “standards are too high” and that she should “bow down” and “settle for less.” Consider the pain that our beautiful brown skinned babies feel when Yung Berg says he doesn’t date “dark butts.” Think about the self-esteem of our community when Nelly refers to our mothers, sisters, and daughters as “Tip Drills.”

As celebrities, your public comments are not just your own. Instead they influence the choices, beliefs, and lives of an entire generation of young people who look to you for direction.

Of course, you have every right to say things that you think are true. The problem, however, is that there was very little truth in your comments.

In your interview, you talk about how much better white women treat their partners than black women. If what you’re saying is true, why do Whites have the highest divorce rate of any group? Do white men get tired of being treated like kings? In reality, it seems that you are buying into (and selling) a stale but dangerous ideal that constructs White women as ultra-feminine, loving, queens, and Black women as angry, selfish, and untrustworthy hoes.
Even more disturbing was your comment that “Black women gotta start being down for their man more.” Since slavery, Black women have had to withstand rape, torture, and humiliation (from both white and black men) in order to sustain their families. Now, in 2010, 1 in 3 Black men between 20 and 29 years old are incarcerated or otherwise under criminal supervision. Every day, Black women are raising children without men in the house, working multiple jobs (for less pay!), and supporting brothers as they finish their prison bids.
With Black male unemployment as high as 50 percent in some cities, sisters are often holding down households without child support or other financial assistance. Black female incarceration rates are skyrocketing, partly because Black women are “riding” for their men, hiding guns and drugs, operating as mules, and refusing to snitch to authorities. In addition, Black women are the group most likely to be victims of domestic violence and the least likely to be married. Still, in spite of all this bad news, Black women are less likely to date outside their race than Black men.

How much more “down” do you want Black women to be?

I agree with you that both brothers and sisters have work to do. Over the last year, we’ve seen countless TV shows, movies, and bestselling books telling Black women how broken they are, how ugly they are, why they don’t have a man, and how they need to behave. Instead of adding to this pile of pain and ignorance, I would encourage you to turn the mirror on yourself. How does the image of the pimp/player/baller/dopeboy promoted in your music help to create the “gold diggers” that you badmouth in your interviews? How might your own admitted failures at monogamy undermine the type of loyalty that you find missing in Black women? Criticizing the vulnerable is easy. Working on yourself is the difficult part.

I hope you don’t take this letter as an attack, but as an act of concern and love from one brother to another. Through your fame and wealth, you have tremendous power. You can use it to hurt or to heal, to injure or to inspire.

The world is watching. What will you do?

Your Brother,

Marc Lamont Hill

Well Said! Gosh I like this guy! What ya’ll think?

Source: Bossip

58 responses to “Slim Thug Just Got Checked”

  1. Rico says:

    Well said my brother. I mean, give black women some credit…they have to put up with slot of sh•t when dealing with us. Black women stand UP!!!

  2. Janelle says:

    I get so tired of Negroes saying we too this and we too that. We are black women with slave blood and roots in our soul. We are who we are. Get with…I ain’t even gone say or get on…just love us cuz we love y’all!!!

  3. Courtney L. says:

    Thanks Rico. – Courtney L.

  4. Courtney L. says:

    We have to be caregivers.

  5. kole says:

    I haven’t read the article in which Slim Thug made his comment, but then again who is Slim Thug. I am very please to know that he have been educational check for his one minded thoughts and beliefs. I am so tired of black men and there excuses, for what they are really settle less for! Mr. Hill said it best the problem is a lot a African American men don’t know there history, to even begin to know what to except and accept for themselves to try an degrade a black women.

  6. Nicole says:

    I agree, why keep saying,doing and promoting things that hurt the community?! Rappers are so quick to talk about things they have no business saying. Thinking before you speak is something that never runs through their minds. Why keep breaking us down and not trying to build us up? My cousin who just turned 14 is talking about “Jump Off’s” and “Hoe’s”. Fourteen year olds should not even be uttering those words or running those thoughts in their heads.

    The black men in the entertainment media and sports media need to grow a pair and man up. I know you don’t want your daughter growing up to think she’s not enough for you or the world and you don’t want your son to think the world owes him everything and that a female owes him her life.

    The black women in the entertainment media and fashion media need to step up and stop worrying about money,weave,egos,and looks. Your brainless in my case if you cannot show children a positive way of life. This dream world of being the best diva will come crashing down one day. You need to be real and show these girls that they don’t need to show their stuff or do something unethical to make it in life. Which at the end of the day would make her feel worthless and brainless.

    Honestly, it’s not only the black entertainment community screwing up and promoting this, the latino community is at fault as well. Both communities live together and we all need to work on this to better our images of our communities.

  7. MikeMD says:

    Man slim thug tellin the truth. White women are easier….hands down. U ain’t gotta deal with all the shyt black women knock good niggas about. I’m talkn bout us college educated working black men who WANT to treat BLACK women right. Why we gotta deal with the bull ish? Then y’all get mad when a Negro who is successful get a white chic….Can someone fill me in???

  8. GreeN Grass says:

    Well said, thanks Mr Hill,

  9. Joseph says:

    I agree w mikemd. I’m tired of gettn shitted on by black women. Ima good dude, great job….and the black women I love continue to shit on me. Why? I’m 6’2, college grad, dark skin, my 3rd leg on point, and fairly attractive. I ain’t braggn, just sayn f this what most women want, why do a good Negro wrong? Y’all wanna nigga who slinging dope and got a record. Same ol cliche…good girls like bad boys…y’all makin good black men like white women. Now what…

  10. Kim says:

    At Joseph…that’s cuz most good niggas LAME AS HELL!!! If u a good dude, at least have a piece of a bad bone….don’t go to jail or nothing, but keep us interested…that is all…

  11. Sonya says:

    The music industry tearing up black America…for real. Lil men and women so lost….

  12. Courtney L. says:

    I don’t want a man that is slanging or with a cd out. Clearly, I want a man that will leave a legacy for our future. However, I must admit some women don’t know how to handle men who are on point. I was one of them. I was so used to being mistreated that i thought that it was the norm until I met a MAN. Clearly, it is a MAN who is supposed to be the leader…. But I am not following someone who has an identity crisis. -Courtney L.

  13. ch77vy says:

    This could not have been said better. Being that it was a Columbia Professor was the cherry on top. Lost respect 4 slim on this one.

  14. Courtney L. says:

    LOL…Nipped it right in the bud!

  15. jojo says:

    Slim , rethink your word before you talk. You will have daughters or sons one day- black or white, so the messages is all wrong for anybody. “Check youself-remember who is paying your bills.

  16. Shey says:

    Very well sd Nicole! I totally agree with Mr. Hill! Slim not so much! Ughh!

    To they “good” guys that posted their comment, now you maybe a good guy who’s to know. Now some of you good brothers, when u get your degrees and good jobs, you start to toot your noses up and start looking down on some of these “black women”. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t expect you to be with a “hoe” ghetto welfare chick, that do not want to do anything with her life. I am a single mother of 2 boys 14 &7 to be exact and been married before…. So therefore I am in a whole different league. Where we lack,it is your duty as a “MAN” TO help us get better, as it is the same for a real”WOMAN” to do that for her man……… Besides there is nothing wrong to have a lil badness to you in a good way! Truth be told yall will marry the “GOOD GIRLS CHICKS” AND GO CHEAT WITH A FREAK!!! WTH?? So is the same thing… You want to hv fun with someone and enjoy each others company!
    Hey if you have a PHD it’s all good, however you can be witty,smart, intellectual and all but to have no PERSONALITY IS DA WORSE!

    * if you are truly a good man God will send you, your good woman sometimes u hv to go through the bad apples in order to appreciate THAT ONE GOOD ONE!!!!!
    **NO matter how much BS I have been with a “Black man” I will always love and appreciate you”

  17. TAMMI PRICE says:

    OK NOW! BRAVO BABY…Marc Lamont Hill you are the truth!

    P.S. Slim Thug pick up your bottom lip…you seem to be dragging it behind you.

  18. jenee330 says:

    @joseph @mikemd……Dont generalize and put all black women in the same box , just like you wouldnt want somone to make a generalization about all black men.I treat my man right….Obviously , you havent found the right woman yet, we all go through dirt before we reach the diamond….dont change who you are , she is out there…..

  19. Jessica says:

    As a black woman I was very upset to read his statements. Not only have I dated several men with money not one time did I ever ask them to do anything for me. These men are producers, football players and college professors. You see before I moved out here I was married to a black man that didnt have a car to drive or a pot to piss in. I helped him. This man had 2 kids and could barely take care of them. On the flipside this black man was a liar and looking for a hand out. He never lived on his own. I must admit I’m not a snooper so a lot of this was found out after the marriage. You see I could easily say that black men are losers and they are always looking for a woman to take care of them. That is not true about all black men. Slimthug silly behind is off the chain with his comments. So I guess his mother is a golddigger. Funny that you should say that white women are all this and that. Why is it that every woman that I know who married wealthy men the man leaves them after the children have graduated high school. My brother dated a white woman for 5 years and ended up breaking up with her because she was nagging and snooping through his things. So once again your findings are false Slim. There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race. You have to do what makes you happy. But doesn’t it sound like Slimthug is looking for a slave of some sort. Slim slavery was over a long time ago! My job as the woman to the black man that I am to be with is to be his help meet. True enough I do believe that the man is to be the head of the household… but I can not imagine you the head of anything because you are blind ignorant and just plain foolish! You comments show you as a coward and a man with a spaghetti spine. You couldn’t be with a black woman because you really couldn’t measure up to the man that you should be. Nor could you be her protector and shield her from those things that come to harm her. Instead you would rather deal with the white woman because you need protection for her so you can fit in and not have to play the role of a true king. You see baby you have created mistake number one… you can’t respect your own kind how would you expect us to respect you. You don’t even respect yourself. Someone please change his race to white or other. I don’t want him to use the same ethnicity to describe himself what a waste

  20. Monica says:

    Slim Thug and MikeMD and others that feel the same can kiss my black azz and go straight to hell. I’m a strong black woman and have had the best of black strong women as my role model, it’s black brothers like them that don’t matter to a strong black woman like myself. These type of negros are just a joke to me, i laugh at niggers like you, house niggers. You all get white women to misuse them and they are too dumb to realize that. They are being put on display like a moosehead. It’s damaging to my eyesight to see the black brothers fail themselves with these thoughts and imagines. I’m glad i’m strong and raising my daughter to know these words are damaging to the black man and my sons’ know that if a black woman is good enough to give birth to you and raise you a black woman is good enough to marry and bare their children. So to the Slim Thugs of the world, stay slim you thug. Because as a black woman I don’t want a thug anyway and slim at that, ha i laugh at you. I don’t want a white man either, i got what i need and that ‘s God and a God fearing black husband , strong minded black sons, and a beautiful black queen daughter. So bless you and have mercy on the minds of brothers that think and feel this way.

  21. philly says:

    Black woman have been holding the brotha’s down for a looong time now! We don’t need to be reminded how to do it, when to do it or for how long to do it! The problem is as Mr. Hill has explained, most of our men are in jail, running away form responsibility, or just doing things that they know to be wrong. They are not in the house hold helping raise our children and teaching them what REAL BLACK MEN are about. So when black men DO have that BLACK WOMAN holding them down…they RUN away from it to where the woman is just PLAIN TRIED OF HIS SHIT! So to sum it up SLIM THUG, STOP ACTING like a THUG and ADDING to the PROBLEM.

  22. shawna says:

    oH YES I LOVE IT!!!!!

  23. KIM says:

    thank you sooo much for your letter and response. it just shows how ignorant slim thug is and so many more.artist . our children are watching. maybe slim thug is referring to his mother, sisters, aunts not the masses. well said professer

  24. Krystal says:

    Deep I love it very well stated!!!

  25. Meek says:

    Finally a real black man not brainwashed by the ways of a controlled white world. If slim thug wasn’t making money off of black woment then his ugly big headed big teeth ass would be somewhere broke! Let him have his white women and when the money is gone so are they’re gold digging asses. At the end of the day he is still a uncle tom porch monkey nigger in they’re eyes! Fucking Ididt. Do us all a favor Sim Thug read a book do your history educate yourself and leave us black women out your self hatred crap!

  26. Meek says:


  27. Tamara Banks says:

    As a black woman who has had my children beat out of me by a black man, been hit on and mistread by black men, as a single mother of a child with the father abandoning our child… i still have faith in our black men… although i am constantly disappointed, i am not in any way ready to date outside of this race. Yet we constantly get bashed and trampled verbally by black men., its really sad especially when … it all goes wrong or you lose your money… you go back to that strong black woman, who had your back 100% yet bash them as you steadily climb back to the top. sucks

  28. Ebony says:

    What gets me is black men puts all black women in the same box. So would he like to explain why black men speak broken english, wears their pants sagging prison style, didn’t graduate from high school, doesn’t have a job, has 2 or 3 babymamas, a deadbeat. An uneducated and dumb negro’s. Who stays home all day playing playing station because they are to lazy to try and find a job.

  29. Tommy says:

    White women r queens too

  30. ABCDEFG says:

    I think I’m in love

    Marc Lamont Hill will you be my…..

    That was very well put…


  31. tee says:

    Black men don’t get it twisted white women are that same as black women, and do the same stuff as black women just a skin color . Black women just don’t put up with you all shit because we don’t have too, white women are weak the allow the black men to be in control and thats what black men wants, to be in control, a black women is not having that . While downing the black sisters yet you forget your mama, sister and grandmother is a black women who took damn good care of your black ass and they did a great job at it, now how you doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  32. Kola says:

    Wow, well said. Well said indeed brother, Thank you.


    Single, working black mother of one, whom does not receive child support.

  33. Frisco415 says:

    Thank u Mr. Hill for your comments. I too thought that was irresponsible for an african american male to send the message that african american femals should lower their standards when it comes to relationships. I was hurt by the comments of Slim Thug. African American women have been holding it down for our family for the longest and we luv our african american males but the majority of them don’t know how to treat a woman respectfully. They (males) grew up in single parent households just like us and tru, all we’ve (females) seen was our mothers taking on the responsiblity of raise her children alone b/c too many african males do not step up to the plate & bailed @ the first opportunity. Our mom was the bread winner of our household so young african american women learn at an early age to be responsible. Why would we want someone that is not equally yoked. Not all african american females are golddiggers and live in the projects.

  34. YEP says:

    @ TEE- I am a black woman and its not about control. i don’t want to control anyone or be controlled. i just want a partnership with my man taking mostly the leadership role and having enough decency and respect to consult me for my opinion. The problem is sadly like Ebony stated above the young black men of today want to be treated like the king but don’t want to work, provide, and protect their family. Like Selena Johnson song said if you want to be the boss you have to pay the cost, you want to wear the pants you have to be the man. Black men stand up and stop looking for a cop out or an excuse. Pull your pants up and provide for your women and children. slim thug is just that– a slim thug w/ pants sagging, dope smoking, syrup sipping, braids in his hair after 30- a loser- the type of man a real woman would never want. So get with Becky and continue with the Illuminati effect to push black women in the arms of another. because sooner rather than later while you’re out with Becky we will be out with Bill !!!!!!

  35. YEP says:

    @ KOLA–I feel you baby because I am just that as well divorced, single, black, former ride or die chick left in the dust, mother of 1 black princess daughter!!!

  36. danielle says:

    This was so refreshing…….. I think I’m in love lol

  37. Surprise says:

    Well said!!! But I bet Slim Thug will come back with some smart a– remark.

  38. Shaunta says:

    Good to see ONe black man is willing to stand up for his people these days….Respect to that brother.

    Never look to entertainers or those who desire to be an celebrity for knowledge…97% of them will sell their mothers soul to be able to shock and jive for a living….This dude is done deal…Black women may be small in numbers but we are big consumers….can u say what a dumb ass!

  39. Shaunta says:

    meant shuck and jive…you know what I mean Amos and Andy

  40. KayKay says:

    Why would Vibe Magazine run such a stupid statement from this idiot?….bad journalism….but, I have to remember everything sold to black folks is not own by black folks!

  41. Courtney L. says:

    Kaykay, I agree with you!

  42. Candi says:

    I’m from Houston and I’m not surprised at what Slim Thug said. Not only does Slim date white women he also only pick light chicks for his videos.I was choosen to be the lead model in his video but once Slim found out i was dark skin, he requested a lighter chick to take the lead. And after that I never audition for another video!


  44. likeCaesar says:

    All I’m saying is my Spelman girl knows how to treat me very well. I see no problem with dating outside of one’s race, because in the end we are all the same species. Most self proclaimed “good black men” are not as good as they think they are. Don’t pat yourself on the back because you have a job, car, college education, et cetera because those things are the bare minimum. Take care of your children by spending time and money. Teach your seed something that will make them an asset to the world. Learn how to inspire greatness in others, especially the women you date. Most “aint shit” people attract other “aint shit” people and honestly I’ve seen them come in all sizes, shapes, and COLORS. On the real, I cook for my girl when she has a long day at school. I help her with her homework, bills, car, apt, whatever she needs. I love her and I don’t cheat on her. I show her respect. I don’t call her out of her name when Im with my boys. I respect her mother and show her that I respect my own mother as well. I address my flaws and continue to work on them daily and encourage her to do the same. If you running around here thinking that “an on point 3rd leg” makes you a good man then you are sadly mistaken. Walter Massey once told me that a good man inspires others to be great!

    These are the things that make me a good man. Please brothers step it up!


  46. likeCaesar says:

    I love hip hop, but honestly I think a lot of dudes are running around with false confidence. Promoting excessive spending, but denouncing gold diggers? Hypocrisy in its truest form! Half of these dudes would never even have a chance with the beautiful girls they seek if they didn’t have money and/or fame.

    I wish black women would just open up their dating pools. When that happen you’ll see black men scrambling to gain their status back within the community. In reality, an average white man just might treat you better than the “slim thugs” of the world…and his credit will probably be better too. We all know that “slim thug” will most likely get wiped out by IRS within the next 10 years. He hasn’t had a hit…well…ever. LOL

  47. Daphne S says:

    I would have to say …. as women that dates outside of her race. I have found that I am treated better by other races than my own. I do love my black men, but from my experience I have know them to be liars, cheaters, and over all just rude. It really hurts to know I probably will marry out side of my race. I am a strong believer in culture, but it seem that somewhere down the line we have lost ours. Slavery many be an excuses for somethings. But when are we going to stay up and start taking responsibility for our own action. Maybe the reason why Slum have this perception is because he try to find fault with in his race of women. My grand mother has all way told me : If you look hard enough its surely bound to come up. That is what you want to see.
    But I will not take my past experiences and generalize all black man. I just pray that there is one out there that will be suitable for me. I pray that people will stop looking at colors and just find out who people are with in. That were beauty and truelove real is 🙂

  48. SOoverthis says:

    I personally wasn’t offended by Slim Thug’s comments. I actually agreed with him and I am a young black woman. What he said DOESN’T apply to me, so I don’t feel offended. Perhaps, a written article wasn’t the best way for Slim Thug to state this. I think a recorded interview would have been better, so people could have seen his demeanor. A lot of people don’t know Slim Thug is a jokester/low key comedian; he even stated that he was joking about the white woman thing. However, if you don’t know this about him, I can see how these comments would be taken personally. I believe everything he said was true, from HIS personal experiences and I’ve witnessed these type of women. I just find it interesting that he clearly stated and began with both genders in the black community need to do better, and everyone happens to skip over the the parts where he talks about the black males. I don’t think he meant any harm, maybe he shouldn’t have used words like “bow down” and what not, but look at WHAT he’s saying, A lot of black woman DO HAVE TOO high of a standard, If you are looking for a PERFECT MAN, that is TOO HIGH of a standard; if you have FIRM req’ts for a man & you have not met those same req’ts yet or never plan on making them that is TOO HIGH of a standard. My advice to women is that if you are in a SERIES of bad relationships, more than likely that’s not just bad luck, either you need to take a look at the men you’re going after or you need to take a look at yourself…

  49. CourtneyL says:

    I have opened up to other races.

  50. Honey08 says:

    Slim thug was so wrong and I am so glad that a educated black man checked him! For me my self i am a young black woman (19) I work to pay my way through college and i have very high standers Not because i want something its because i bring a lot to the table i am in school studying biology, I work had to maintain my own things and i do not want anyone who does not have what i have or that does not want to do something out of their life. SLIM THUG needs to change him mind fame or maybe just hang out with different people because just because what u see around u is like that does not make every female or better yet black woman like that fool!

  51. Beautiful Black Sista says:

    Thank you Professor Hill for checking Slim Thug because you not only checked him you stated actual facts, and I really don’t understand why he took such a hard stance against his black women. But see these rappers are quick to think the grass is greener on the lighter side of town but every time I turn on my TV or read about a black celebrity or actor going through a divorce it’s usually not with a black women so what does that say….If he thinks black women are crazy it’s because we have to put up with foolish men like him….Most black women recognize game when we see it so it’s not a lot of things we are willing to put up with so call it what you want but I call it be SMART!!!

  52. Mogwai2000 says:

    what in the hell is a slim thug?

  53. Mogwai2000 says:

    i thought he went back to mickey d’s. Nothing wrong with that…

  54. lovemysisters says:

    This brother told the truth! Thank you for saying the things I have been feeling…..sisters we are more than money, weaves big asses etc! We are strong. We survived slavery and will survive this too. Just get your education and be free. Don’t let no one fool you and claim your destiny!

  55. QueenoftheNile says:

    I cannot find the words to say any more than what you have written in this letter. This same letter should be duplicated and published around the world for the numerous “brothers” who think, in the same manner as referenced above. It is sad that we are living in the year 2010 and we still have to “educate” our own. In the words of a famous quote: “You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make that horse drink!”

    Anyone who knows the history of the African American Woman knows exactly what this is all about.
    Mr. Hill, thank you for reminding everyone of our history and utmost relevance. More importantly, all that is required is the willingness to take time to know our history, so that one can easily appreciate the value of and importance of the African American Woman. The act of being chosen by the Almighty to be the seed carrier to introduce all humankind to the world is more than enough to treasure and value THE BLACK WOMAN!

    Again, thank you, King Marc Lamont Hill.

  56. likeCAESAR says:

    Good for you CourtneyL. Thug culture has destroyed the black community.

  57. Mikelle says:


  58. DEE says:

    U all r insane! I am a 28 year old black woman! I hav a 4 year old daughter and a 14 year old stepson! I am married 2 a black man and we are extremely happy! I can’t 4 the life of me figure out y everyones makin such a big deal out of this! U ppl r jus bored! He’s not the 1st person 2 comment on how black and white women differ n relationships, and he won’t b the last! I think some people are jus using this as good chance 2 put there name out there, to make themselves feel important or superior! WoW! That’s LAME! I didn’t hear anything that he said that was a lie! He wasn’t stereotyping ALL black women, he was jus refering 2 the ones he comes n contact with! If that isn’t u that he decribed, then wut is the issue? Why would u take offense if u know ur not one of those types of women! U all act like he was totally off the wall with those comments! Half the black females I know r like that! I mean I know he was joking or being sarcastic or wutever, but, at the end of the day, it is what it is! I wish he didn’t say he was jokin! Maybe black women would step their game up! I really wish that those black women that r out there giving all black women a bad name would get it 2gether! Dealing wit the females that I know, if I were a black man I would prolly go 4 a white woman 2! (Again, jus like Slim TRYED 2 tell u he was doin, I can only speak on the women I come in contact wit)! I come from a long line of strong, independent, black women! But not all black women were raised to be independent and be able 2 stand alone, and those r the ones he deals wit! And u can’t hate on him for displaying how much money he’s got! Who doesn’t put it on display n sum form or fashion? If u all were happy with urselves and the path that God has put u on, u wouldn’t hav time 2 worry about wut Slim said or has 2 say n the future! U can find fault n everything and everybody if u look hard and long enough! U all need 2 jus learn 2 look past the minor things and spend ur time focusing on things that are larger than Slim Thug! Like I said, u all r just bored! Hell, I’m bored that’s why I took the time out to even comment on this ridiculous topic! But now I hav a life 2 get bac 2! P.S.- The world is always watchin…… He, unlike “SOME” people, is used 2 it!

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