So Everybody Wants To Be a Fashion Icon, Including Lil Kim This I Gotta See



I guess Kimmy thought showin a preview of her new clothing line yall would be amazed. This is  not going to be a Positive Outcome. There is maybe one fit that Ill buy my grandmother..LOL.. But hey who knows women these dayz will wear any thing that a celeb wear. So Good Luck Kim


  1. Its not something i just going to die over but the dress she’s wearing is not bad nd the girl on the end to our left… im still supporting #teamminaj though follow me @KELZDUH

  2. Why did you cut off’s logo off this photo? They took this photo. I saw it on their site first. #shade! I see yall bloggers be hating on other bloggers smh. give props freddy thats the atleast u can do. don’t act like you can’t

  3. Must be a slow day so yall have to hate on Kim…bcuz this pic was taken back in the summer or early fall…

  4. WOW!! I’ll wear these clothes. Very expensive looking and high fashioned. These clothes are great the editor of this is retarded


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