So Lady Gaga Really Is A Man? + Pictures From Her Q Magazine Spread



Ok so I am only playing, but after seeing these pictures I must say she has a good sense of humor. Lady Gaga is baring a lot of skin and dildo  (which isn’t anything new for her) in the new issue of Q Magazine which hits stands on March 23rd. Reports are going around that the Poker Face singer lashed out during the photo shoot for the U.K. mag, even bursting into tears and storming off set at London’s May Fair Hotel.

Gaga reportedly told staff she hated the provocative photos while sobbing and threatening to walk out unless her boyfriend was allowed to photograph her.

She reportedly told the staff:

“I’m just not in a good place right now.”

A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror:

“The magazine wasn’t going to stand for that so they told her people where to go. Her behavior was weird.”

Gaga is in Britain for her revamped Monster Ball tour, which was hit with a series of setbacks, including missing costumes and technical mishaps, when it kicked off on Thursday. Shot out to Necolebitchie for the Pic’s..



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