SuperHead Takes Over RuPauls Book Signing



The homies over at always keeps me laughing, they posted a storie about how RuPaul had a book signing to promote his new book “Workin’ It: RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style,” available now and Superhead came and took over. This is what they had to say…

“Leave it up to Karrine and her big bag of hoe tricks to try to steal RuPaul’s mustache thunder. We’re supposed to be discussing the mutha-fuckin-stache at this moment! Sharing a mutual admiration of dicks is one thing. This shit right here?”

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  1. She needs to go somewhere with herself,and start to be a better mom to her child.I brougt both of her first two books,and she will not get another dime from me.Her mess is so old now and she needs to do something to keep her name out there cause she is old news.LOL! But she will always be SUPERHEAD.HA HA HA HOE


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