T.I. Sued For Showing A Dead Man On MTV Reality Show



People are always trying to make a dime in what ever way they can. MTV is under fire for including a footage of a corpse in a February 2009 episode of T.I.’s reality show “T.I.’s Road to Redemption”. Relatives of the dead man, Joseph Williams, complained that it was a disrespectful move done without their consent.

In the first episode called “You Are Responsible for Your Own Actions”, T.I. took the viewers to The Haugabrooks Funeral Home and showed a young man’s corpse whose face was blurred. The mortician said the the man was a hustler and that his parents did not know how he really died.

Williams’ father Joseph Williams Sr. and other family members claimed that the vision has caused mental distress. Moreover, they accused the funeral home’s employee of giving a false fact that they “didn’t know what happened to their son.”

In the lawsuit filed on Wednesday, February 9 in Fulton County State Court, they sued MTV, the rapper and the funeral home for carelessly mishandling the body “for financial gain and publicity”. They seek an unspecified amount of damages for the mental anguish.

Neither T.I. who is prison until September nor his rep was immediately available for comment.

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  1. O lord here we go TI cant win for the world leave the man alone he already got a lot of B.S to deal with the man tried to save someones life and felt like if he showed dude a dead body he might change cause if not that will be him but anyway god bless TI people is always trying to make a dollar


    My question to the Williams family is > It took you 2 years to after the fact to sue T.I. with you being so upset & all? PLEASE it’s about the $$$$$$$. If you were dealing in good faith and realized what T.I. was trying to do you should have went to him as a man and not as a get RICH QUICK THANG.

    This is just the act of some MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE reaching and looking for some attention. This is absolutely ridiculous and Williams’ father Joseph Williams Sr should be ashame for acting out like this. The truth of the matter is…….. YOUR SON WAS A NO GOOD HUSTLER AND GOT WHAT WAS DUE TO COME TO HIM. One thing about it is that > HE WILL DAMN SHO BE WORTH MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE!!!!!!!! HUH??????

  3. The judge would be just as crazy if these money hungry idiots win that lawsuit. This is crazy.. Smh and dont make no sense.


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