Tami Roman Of “BasketBall Wives” Dishes The Truth Behind The Show!



Tami Roman from the hit reality show “BasketBall Wives,” recently sat down with Power 92.1 and spilled the beans with TT Torrez. We always wondered what really goes on behind the scenes or if the final edited version of a reality show is a non-fictional version of current event. Well our new favorite girl of the show Tami is here to set the record straight.

On not fitting in with the other “Basketball Wives”:

She said she thinks everybody comes from a different place and she is a bit more modest when it comes to flashy clothes and things like that. She said even when she was with Kenny Anderson she was a simple person.

On if she talks to her castmates off-camera:

She said she talked to both Shaunie and Jennifer but the conversations were short and were about her season 3 plans. She said everyone is only looking out for themselves because if “Basketball Wive”s doesn’t continue, then they don’t have anything else to fall back on.

On if she’s coming back on ‘Basketball Wives’:

She said she’s still undecided because she felt the producers didn’t show her true personality and made her look crazy.

On the huge Evelyn fight:

She said the night of the big fight, producers edited out the part where Shaunie came out to talk to her about people not being honest. So she thought Evelyn was going to tell her she didn’t like her, but she had no idea that Evelyn and Kenny (her ex-husband) had sex.

Tami then explained that the fight was about dishonesty and Evelyn not telling her about the affair. She says she was upset because Evelyn should have been more upfront before they started to develop a relationship.

On rumors of her stealing Kenny Anderson from Spinderella:

Tami said she didn’t know who Kenny Anderson was when he and Spinderella were together. She says the couple was broken up by the time she met him and Spin was well aware about their relationship.

On the ‘Basketball Wives’ reunion show:

She said she didn’t want to come on the reunion show at first but changed her mind because she wanted to show she is educated and articulate. She wanted the fans to see the other side of Tami. She says her other cast mates have to do what they have to do to keep it drama filled and keep the checks coming.

On the salary rumor that they get $7,500 per show:

She said she doesn’t know what the other girls get paid.

On her and Suzie’s relationship:

Suzie isn’t important to her.

On if Shaunie is pimping her and her cast mates:

She said Shaunie is the executive producer of the show so it’s all business with her. She said if you decide to do a reality show you already know what you are getting yourself into so Shaunie is NOT pimping her and her cast mates.

On if ‘Basketball Wives’ ruined Jennifer and Eric Williams’ relationship:

She said she doesn’t know if their relationship could have survived whether the show happened or not because they already had some problems. She does believe there was a point in time that Jennifer was in love with him and he was in love with her.

On her upcoming projects:

She said she has a book coming out titled The B.I.T.C.H. Chronicles which stands for Believing In Total and Complete Honesty. She believes once people read her story they will understand alot about her and who she is as a person.

She also shared that she is working on a pilot for the USA network for a new scripted show. She says if the pilot goes through, then she’s not returning to “Basketball Wives.” And….she added that she’s in a relationship right now with a man who is good to her and her kids.

So there you have it guys, be sure to support Tami in all her future endeavors, lord know after watching the show homegirl could use the money! LOL

Watch the Interview in FULL:


  1. You can HATE on Tami if you want 2, she is the realeast of them all! I remember watching her on the Real World back in the day, she kept it 100 on that show so all ya’ll none believers do your research!

  2. I love Tammi bcuz she keeps it real at all times. Tami I have to say I am so glad you slapped the crap out of Evelyn!!!! She had been cruising for a bruising for quite some time. Who the HELL is she to tell people they can on can not be in the group. She bully’s the weak ones like Suzie & Jen.

  3. Yay Tami. She’s my favourite. I knew that she was articulate even though she was potrayed negatively. I’m so rooting for her.

  4. First off, I dont think she “slapped” evelyn – it wasnt even a fight, if you ask me.. and 2nd of all- Tami was acting real ghetto- i dont care what angle you shot the scene from .. she was way out of line.. Jennifer made her look stupid with the whole foodstamp fiasco! Like, are you really jealous b-cuz Jen didnt have to go to the welfare, and you did??!! She is also jealous of Ev, thats why she started that imaginary drama after they tried on clothes… but EV is jealous of Jennifer, so they ar all some pathetic bytches, if you ask me …jst sayin

    these shows are designed to make Black women look horrible to the world, giving a very false presenation of a REAL BLACK WOMAN! disgusting!

  5. I love Tami…I agree with everyone she is the realest and the best…Evelyn is a fake boogie bitch..Tami was kicking ass on the Real World and I hope all goes well for Tami…

  6. Tami Karama is a bish. You stole Kenny away from Spinderella. I love me some Tami but she’s a hood rat. Tami is always causing drama and you can’t take her anywhere nice without her causing a scene especially when she is liquored up. Tami is fake. So you mean to tell me that Tami can just forgive and move on from Evelyn sleeping with your husband while you were still with him, got pregnant ( I don’t care what anybody say, she knew he was married) smile all up in your face like nothing happen, then when she finally decides to tell you she says, “You are a non mf factor” and then to profit and try to make it apart of her “brand” Tami you can forgive that but not some high school he say she say, that you really did say. You did called the mean girls fake and phony bishes. Oh by the way you were trying to sue Evelyn and had no problem staying on the show. Girl bye! Stop being a groupie for the fake side.


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