Teen Bullying Strikes Karma Seconds Later!


It’s the video that has taken over the Internet — an Australian kid, fed up with being bullied, viciously body slams his tormentor — and TMZ has learned BOTH kids were reprimanded for their actions

CheckOut Video via Bossip:

TMZ spoke with a family member of one of the kids … who told us the bully was suspended for twenty-one days following the incident and the kid being bullied was suspended for 4 — since he was violent as well.

We’re also told the kid on the receiving end of the vicious body slam did not suffer any serious injuries … despite the fact he came off the ground with a severe limp.

Sources tell us the kid who was being bullied is handling the media attention surprisingly well — and is “very happy” he’s received so much support.


  1. That’s what the bully gets, and as far as i’m concerned the little boy who was getting bullied should’ve slammed this bully’s ass a long time ago, and maybe his ass would have learned you can’t go around putting your hands on others in this manner.

    As for the people who love to videotape RATCHETNESS such as this, they should be prosecuted along with anyone who commits a crime against someone else. There’s a good way to videotape someone doing wrong, then there’s the bad way to do it, and in my opinion this is the wrong way.


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