The Braxton Family Values Giveaway

Are you a fan of the popular reality show The Braxton Family Values? If so, we have an exclusive giveaway just for the Braxton’s biggest fans. Win an autographed Braxton Family Values:Season 1 DVD and poster and well as a surprise call from one of the sisters! Check inside for more deets on the contest rules and be sure to check out the The Braxton Family Values tonight on WeTv at 9pm

Do you want a phone call from one of the Braxton sisters and even a signed copy of The Braxton Family Season 1 DVD?….well here is what you have to do to win.

1. Leave a comment below about what you love about The Braxton Family Value Show

2. Tweet what you love about the Braxtons followed by #BraxtonFamilyValues

The person with the best comment as well as the most tweets with the hashtag included will be eligible for the ulitmate prize. We are only choosing a few lucky winners so start tweeting now until the new epsiode airs tonight and we will reveal our winner very soon.

Remember to include the hashtag or your tweet or you will not be acknowledged in the contest and be sure to catch The Braxton Family Values tonight on WeTv at 9PM.

Shout out to Zoe for this exclusive giveaway!

10 responses to “The Braxton Family Values Giveaway”

  1. I love Braxton Family Values because their family is so real. I’ve always been a fan of Toni’s and I fell in love with the rest of the family. I love to see them going through the same things my family is going through with my father because it lets me know that my family is not the only one going through it. I love how down to earth the family is and that they talk back to us on Twitter. The Braxton’s put the REAL in reality and I hope that they continue to inspire and motivate people all over the world.

  2. I am a huge Braxton fan but before I was a Braxton fan, I was a big Toni Braxton fan. My mother wore her albums out playing them constantly throughout the house. I’m a big Toni fan because I admire her strength as a strng black woman who hasn’t let life’s struggles get her down. I have a youtube channel: AshleyShyMiller —> I have all the recent interviews and episodes of the Braxtons posted. It’s like my way of getting the show and the Braxtons out to people overseas or without cable wh can’t watch Braxton Family Values the same time we do here in the states. I just do what I can do to help promote them even though I wasn’t asked to do so. I would like to think that I’m the biggest fan but I’m sure others think the same thing. Hopefully, I’ll get a follow from Toni Braxton on twitter, lol. That would be a birthday treat for me since it’s coming up really soon. Have a blessed day.

  3. Brianna Brown says:

    What i love about Braxton Family Values is that it takes us the fans into the lives of the Braxton family. You learn things about them as well as things about yourself. You get to see the true love and affection that is showed inside their family. Not only do you get a chance to experience a little of the Braxton Values you also get the chance to experience great comedy and laughter. They are always real and they bring laughter into my day when i have had a hard Thursday. I love this show so much that i even got my entire family hooked on the show. Braxton Family Values is the show that brings a positive light to reality tv and i am addicted to it. I love Braxton Family Values and every single one of the Braxton family members and i hope that they have more and more seasons to come.

  4. Brittney Starling says:

    I love Braxton Family Values because it is REAL reality. It’s refreshing to have an African American family on television again that shows how family may go through things but as long as you stick together, everythig is fixable. It’s a wonderful show that shows that no matter how famous a person is, they are still human just like any normal person and their life is not perfect. I love the Braxtons because they are the few celebrities that interact with their fans and show us the love the we show them. Braxton Family Values is the BEST show on television POINT BLANK PERIOD.

  5. S. Camille Colvin says:

    The question is what do I love about Braxton Family Values well my answer is what don’t I love about Braxton Family Values?!! Braxton Family Values is one of the only reality shows that’s actually real! I appreciate the Braxtons for opening up their lives to us. I love the fact that in watching Braxton Family Values you see that no matter who you are, you experience problems. There are so many things that happen in their lives that the audience has experienced or may be experiencing and the show helps you to see that it is ok! I love each and every sister on the show and the fact that they are so personable with the fans, makes me love Braxton Family Values even more. In watching Braxton Family Values I’m sure people can see a little of themselves in 1 or all of the sisters. I love that they play hard and fight hard but at the end of the day they love harder and know that when push comes to shove its all about family!

  6. Kemey Link says:

    I have officially fell In love with #BraxtonFamilyValues. The Braxtons have giving us all an incredible opportunity to take a peek into their lives & WE ARE LOVING IT! The fact that they are so Down to Earth and the love they constantly show their fans is very heart warming. The show in general, is just the same, they are REAL people with REAL situations. & their ability to still Love one another at the end of the day proves that they are a REAL FAMILY. I am a HUGE fan, & I Thank You all for that opportunity.

  7. I love BFV because this is a REAL family! Its good to see African American women on tv in a positive way, instead of that hair pulling drama. This shis show broadcast that using your words is ok. It also shows that family is first and they are there to help, support, and love. Through the ups and down good and bad family is always there. Each sister inspires me because I can see pieces of me and my family in all of them. I love each Braxtons because they are so down to earth they, interact with the fans and they are very influentical people.At the end of the day, whether they love eachother or hate eachother they know that family is most important.I wanna thank the Braxtons for setting an example that family is first no matter what! So the question should’nt be why I love #BraxtonFamilyValues it should be why am I addicted to BFV…lol 🙂

  8. Kiondra Green says:

    – I love #BraxtonFamilyValues because they are a REAL family with real family issues & they show that although they may not agree on everything they are still family & will overcome it . . I fell in love with them the moment I seen the first episode, because they showed & continue 2 show this is real reality TV . . It gave the world a chance 2 see that the Braxton name doesn’t just consist of 1 person [ Toni Braxton ] they are 6 individual women with amazing personalities & great talent . . They are a family that supports each other no matter what & show their fans that just because they are celebrities ,they are still human & go through issues like any other person & family . . I thank them 4 always showing a appreciation 2 their fans #BraxtonFamilyValues is going 2 go far & that’s why I LOVE THE BRAXTONS!

  9. Dominique McFarland says:

    I absolutely love The Braxton’s!! They are very loving and very talented women!! I’ve been a fan of The Braxtons WAY before Braxton Family Values came about! I’m talking the early 90’s with Toni Braxton “Toni Braxton” album & The Braxtons “So Many Ways” album! I admire Toni the most because with all the obstacles that she has gone through she is STILL in my opinion the BEST SINGER in the music industry and nobody can change my opinion about that! Braxton Family Values shows positive black women in which not much of that is shown on tv today! It’s a show that I enjoy watching and I am && will ALWAYS be PROUD to say that I am a BRAXTON FAN!!!

  10. Jasmine Sharee says:

    I love Braxton Family Values because the show help but a stop to alot of the rumors going around on the internet… i also love the show because shows how close the sisters are to each other and no matter how much they fuss fight and argue they still come back together and work things out. I also love how they don’t sugar coated things if something is bothering them they let it be done. Finally I’ve been a supporter and a fan of Toni’s since i was litttle i remember my mother used to play Toni’s first album i would be in the back seat singing every word to every song

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