The-Dream Say’s He Made R&B “Cool Again”


R&B singer The-Dream has made a big contribution to the music world, or at least he thinks so. In a recent interview with, the “Rockin That Thang” singer says he’s personally rejuvenated R&B. He states, quote,

“I’m at my peak as far as what The-Dream the artist is as an R&B artist. Yeah, because in some particular type of way I’ve changed the sound or made it…I made R&B somewhat cool again.”

The-Dream says he doesn’t deserve all the credit, but likes to believe that he had something to do with R&B getting a lot more play on radio. He adds, quote,

“I had a lot of influence to do with how R&B songs sound now versus when hip-hop was still dominating at the end of 2006.”

The-Dream will be dropping his third album, “Love King,” later this year, but says he is also eyeing work with Ciara and Kanye West. He remarks, quote, “I’d rather see someone else be the victor other than just me, which is why I’d rather write songs and win a Grammy with somebody else or with Beyonce rather than just really see myself win one and just have myself to appreciate so I really love to share the rock.” The-Dream’s “Love King” is expected in stores on May 18th.

6 responses to “The-Dream Say’s He Made R&B “Cool Again””

  1. Natt says:

    well… for me r&b is cool without you playa… cant stand that ego, r&b can do so much better without hearin everywhere radiooo kilaaaaaaaaa

  2. ITS ME says:

    In what world is this clown living in? hes like super whack and can’t sing worth a damn

  3. Kalinda says:

    Okayyy, I don’t like his music. Never really have. That annoying behind voice and those hooks kill me. He can go somewhere and resuce a diet because that is what he needs. Why is being made relevant yet again anyway? He looks weird and he sounds weird. So there. He is weird. R&B was good without you and it just may be better without you now.

  4. curiousone says:

    A cocky arrogant lil bastard he is, 2 grammys and sum hits don’t make u the king or prince of r&b, no one missed u when u was gone yo. that new cd is a retread of your first hits, dream be original and bounce yo. What you did to Mariah cd is beyond a disgrace and ciara is headed the same path. when will they learn yo

  5. DREAMfan! says:

    actually he was a hit before he even cam on the scene im sure you too jammed to UMBRELLA i mean it was a SUMMER JAM! and i dont think he did anything to mariah’s CD i actually think her cd was GOOD she just didnt promote it like she should have because there are a number of tracks on the album! and as far as the dream goes i too can say he has done something for the RNb scene i mean PEOPLE went crazy for his songs WHERE are you guys living?

  6. nameless says:

    he must be out of his ever loving mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R and b never need help!!!!!!!! because real artist

    can sing the songs and write them too!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad dream can’t do either !!!!! big headed whacko

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