Tiffany Evans Is About To Put Out A New Album


Tiffany Evans20.JPG
For the longest I had been wondering what happen to Tiffany Evans it seemed like at one time I would see her almost every week and then it was like she went into hiding, well now she’s back… I was told that Ms Evan has been trying to lay low these pass few months so that she can get her mind right… Ms Evans is getting ready to releases her new album and waned to make sure everything was right before she let the world see her new look… She’s going for a more Grown and Sexy look…

Her new BFF the one and only Dariel helped with giving her a make over and to do her hair for her Photo Shoot for the New Album she’s working on. She just finished over 70 songs for her upcoming album, and will be dropping 2 Singles at once.  I was told the songs are HOTTTTT…. Here are some pic’s that they sent over to show off her new hair…


  1. Lookin good ms tiff….i can actually say i had a preview of this look this past thnxgiving in ATL…saw mz evans at atlantic station and I gotta say im impressed…looks like someone comin hard on the second round…

  2. Loook at this lil whoree.ily sis.ahahha only I would comment on this shit!! Well yes world get ready 4 my sis tiffany evans ….she gonna giv yall smethin yall been waitin for in 2010..

    And yes lookin sexi as evahhh ..ahhh Dariel did his u ..

  3. that look is hot!!!no homo.i luv it!!!!i was really sad when i wasn’t hearing from my favorite singer tiffany!!!shes back!!!!omg!!!!!!!1


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