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Truth About Diva Fight Between Jill Scott and Anita Baker

Someone anonymously spilled a bit of information online regarding the fight between Jill Scott and Anita Baker last week in the backstage after VH1 Divas Celebrate Soul(Click Here To See Video and Photos). It said that Jill Scott did not want to perform Sweet Love at all and it was all Jill’s fault.

According to sources, Anita Baker was one of the scheduled performers on all the promo press but did not appear on the show. Afterwards, Ledisi talked that someone had to sing Anita Baker’s signature song “Sweet Love”. In an after concert interview with VH1, Ledisi said that she was headed to the red carpet when the producers and the music director and her manager rushed to her asking if she could sing “Sweet Love.”

She initially thought it was a joke but later was told that it was serious when she finally went on to the stage and performed the song. The comment made anonymously on Rhymes with Snitch said,

Its widely regarded by staff that this was Jill Scott’s fault. Did not want to perform the song Sweet Love at all, annoyed production staff but acted like an ass when she didnt have the song changed and completely ditched Anita at their dress rehearsals and other things. Anita is rumored to have pulled out as a result. There were no blows or arguement; as production staff I have to say that it really was Jill Scott blowing Anita Baker off.

So, that’s the story, huh? Would you folks rather believe it?

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