Truth Hurts Is About To Make A Big Comeback



Remember me:  the one and only Truth Hurt recently came to the ATL for the BET HipHop Awards. I have to give it to her she made one of those songs that even if you wanted to forget it, you couldn’t. While out and about she let me know that she will be releaseing her next single  10.10.10 and  album will be out right after that. She has been in the studio working and preparing to put out good music. Here are some pic’s of her now and  her throw back video “Addictive”.


  1. That is an album I will buy! I like Truth Hurts. I miss the real singers. Where is Blu Cantrell at? And where is Syleena at? Oooh and Sunshine Anderson? Lil Mo’? Is Brandy coming out with something? That’s the music I wanna hear. Man I feel old. Oooh and the Fat Kelly Price (i’m sorry but she fell off after she lost weight to me. she lost some of her SOUL and tried to go more R&B/Pop).


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