UPDATE: Cali Swagg Member Killed Over Girl


Just received word that Cali Swagg District Member was killed as a result of an alleged Twitter Beef over a girl. TMZ reports that M-Bone’s friends have been telling cops after he came back from tour that he had been involved with a young lady. Allegedly a neighbor of hers didn’t like the relationship that was forming between the two and begin to threaten him via Twitter.

It has been said that the two had an all out twitter war. The black car that M-Bone was driving was registered to the woman. Cops are currently trying to figure out if the “Twitter Beef” has anything to do with the shooting. We will keep you posted as more information unfolds.


  1. Awwww.. Datz Hella. Sad.. Man That Wast Worth His Life.. People Is So Fuckn Stupid Now Dayxz . Really Overr A girl N sumbody mad at the relationship.. O Fuckn well Im pretty sure they were 2grown people. People need to stay out of other people business n relationship.. But My Prayz Go out to his family and friendz.. N I hope Mercy Come On The Person Who Did It…

  2. What’s worse is if this stupid fool really shot him over a girl and left rants all over Twitter, it is only a matter of time before they track him down. When will people learn, there is nothing anonymous about the internet, nothing.

  3. dumb azz, if it was over a girl, its a billion females out here, and lots of single ones so why take someones life over a women. U didn’t get her then and u sure as hell aint going to get her now. I hope they find who did this.


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