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Update: Charlie Sheen Apologizes for Kim K. #TwitterRant


I guess Charlie Sheen felt a little bad about his recent #TwitterRant in which he went off on Kim Kardashian for allegedly turning down an autograph request of a six-year-old girl. He’s taken back to Twitter to apologize.

Here are the details…

Actor Charlie Sheen seemed to have some regret about his Tuesday #TwitterRant about reality TV star Kim Kardashian supposedly declining a six-year-old girl’s autograph request because he went back to his Twitter to apologize. Here’s what he had to say:

Dear Kim,
my extreme bad.
really embarrassed by my
I was already pissed about some other crap that had nothing to do with you.
I heard a story that
bothered me.
wrote some trash you didn’t deserve. Ever.
I’m an idiot as often as I’m a genius.
that day, clearly I was the

Prior to doing so, however, TMZ reported that Sheen informed the site that though he hadn’t actually intended on posting the tweet, he “stands by his comments” and felt that Kardashian had “zero gratitude, zero awareness, zero talent, [and was] a pox on the face of entertainment.”

There’s still been no response from Kardashian or any of her reps at this time. We do hope that this apology will truly be the end of this little debacle.

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